AMETHYST ESSENCERenascent Amethyst Gem Essence - 1 of the 40 available essences

This is a brief extract from the Renascent Gem Essence Manual. Reprinted with permission. Please note all of the information here is Copyright Lesley Mitchell 1994.

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GEOLOGICAL : - Amethyst is the violet variety and the most valued stone in the Quartz group. It may occur as crystals lining a geode,(cave like cluster of crystals) or as individual crystals in varying sizes. It crystallises in the trigonal form of the hexagonal system. The color of Amethyst is caused by defects in the crystal structure. Amethyst will scratch glass, has a hardness of 7 and a chemical formula of SiO2, and is found in Brazil, Uruguay and the Malagasy Republic. It may be confused with Beryl, Fluorite, Kunzite, Spinel, Topaz, Tourmaline and glass. Heat treatment may produce light yellow, red brown, green or colorless varieties. There are also some varieties of Amethyst that lose some color in daylight. The original color can be restored by X-Ray radiation.

MYTHOLOGY : - Amethyst is said to control and ward off evil spirits. It is a gem of chastity and will bestow spiritual insight and protect its user from intruders, and a home from vandalism. It is the stone of piety and is worn as an amulet against drunkenness. Amethyst is believed to be the ninth stone of the High priests breastplate. The Rosicrucians saw a symbol of the divine male sacrifice in the Amethyst and the Amethystine color, as the stone and color were typical of truth, love, suffering, hope and passion. Bishops rings have been traditionally set with Amethyst. Edward the Confessor had an Amethyst ring which was once renowned as a charm against contagious diseases. This ring is still to be found in the Royal collection. There was an ancient belief that Amethyst changed color when held near poisoned food. This may have stemmed from the fact that Amethyst contains varied colors in the one individual crystal. Roman wives believed it would preserve the affections of their husbands. This stone was also of special value to the ancient Egyptians who would use it for its ability to bestow spiritual insight. Many people are amazed when their Amethyst crystals lose their color and believe that they have somehow "drained their crystal of its power", a far more likely explanation is that they have left it in an open window or worn it in the sun and the heat has thus caused the color change.

HEALING :- A spiritual essence. Amethyst has a direct link to the mind and Edgar Cayce suggests it for control of temperament. Amethyst essence heals during sleep and induces meditation as well as bringing calm in times of grief through helping its user to feel less scattered and more in control of your faculties, which makes it invaluable in today’s hectic world. It does this by soothing the nervous system and helping in the transmission of neural signals. This allows it’s user to balance emotional highs and lows. Amethyst essence is another essence (like Sodalite) very good for people grieving over lost loved ones, the difference is that while Sodalite lifts the heart and allows you to move on, Amethyst essence subliminally conveys that there is no death, only varying planes of being.

Amethyst essence assists in directing energy to the lungs, thus it may obtain relief for asthma and circulation problems, strengthening endocrine and immune systems. Amethyst essence enhances right brain activity and the pineal and pituitary glands. It is a powerful healing essence and stimulates intuition and spiritual awakening whilst calming passion, emotional violence and anger, helping its user to be more controlled.

To cure insomnia Amethyst essence can be taken before retiring (passed through the aura) or perhaps a few drops added to an oil burner on its own or with a calming oil such as Chamomile, Clary Sage or Lavender and burnt prior to sleep and for a little while into the evening to create a calm, restful and deep sleep. A lovely choice in a bath for children to calm them down before bedtime. Amethyst essence can be gently rubbed over the forehead or temples as a treatment for headaches. The centre of the forehead is the third eye chakra and Amethyst essence placed here will activate the inner seeing.

Amethyst essence transmutes one’s lower nature into the more highly refined aspects of their higher potential’s. It cuts through illusion and enhances psychic abilities. Whilst being excellent for meditation and to assist channelling abilities.

It strengthens muscles, immune system and increases resistance to infections, bestowing strong protective qualities on its user.

Used in combination with bloodstone essence, Amethyst essence can be applied on a bandage and strapped over the area of a blood clot and after a fortnight or so, the obstruction often clears. Sometimes permanently, sometimes the cure may need to be repeated periodically.

When used with Carnelian essence, it restrains the overactive or bossy.

This is a good essence to start off with if you find the effect of Quartz essence too strong as Amethyst has a gentler effect.

Even Cancer may be helped with Amethyst, as it is now shown Cancer can be precipitated by mental strain. This may be fought with Iron by today’s orthodox practitioners. Amethyst, when colored red by Iron, contains the very mineral these practitioners sought to use. To recharge your own energy, mist Amethyst essence over your energy centres or Chakras. A vibration high in love, balance and harmony will be transferred.

Amethyst is recommended for dancers and optometrists.

Extract from the "Renascent Gem Essence manual" - further information on this and the remaining 49 essences is also in this book.

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