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What is Frequency Harmonisation Therapy?
This therapy refers to the use of a resonator as part of treating infections, cancer and neurological problems. A resonator generates resonance waves that are transmitted either via plasma tubes or via handheld electrodes to the body. By creating a negative polarity, electromagnetic waves negate the reproductive ability of viruses, bacteria and parasites in the human body or destroy the pathogens outright.

Does this Therapy have any side effects?

Frequency harmonisation therapy has no side effects, but may create a Healing Crisis, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction. Subjects may experience physical reactions during and after their first few resonator sessions. These reactions can occur during a session, and up to 24 hours after a session. The reactions range from tingling, itchiness, dizziness, uncomfortable twinges and physical pain (rare). Lets explain why this may happen.
If a patient has an infection, in a tooth, for instance, millions upon millions of bacteria would inhabit that tooth and the surrounding area. If the resonator is turned on, suddenly the bacteria all rupture.
This debris must be escorted out of the body through the skin, bowels, and urinary tract. In the case of severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. The good news is that the first reaction is always the worst, and there rarely is a second reaction.
Patients with illness may notice a decrease in pain, as well as a change how they feel. Urine may also become darker and greasy after the first few sessions as toxins leave the body through the kidneys.
Some patients may have difficulty sleeping the night after the first session due to increased energy. Other patients may experience what they believe to be a full blown cold the next day. One way to distinguish a cold from a healing crisis is that during a healing crisis, the client still has energy. On rare occasions, a rash may appear. If this happens, it will disappear within 72 hours. Using medication on this rash will only force back in a poison the body is trying to expel.
As a final note, it is not unheard of to pass a dead worm into the toilet after receiving a parasite frequency. It is important to remind the patients that a healing crisis is always temporary, and that it is better to have the offending micro-organism dead and on its way out, rather than alive and on the inside.
The only other effect that most people experience with the resonators is more calmness and energy. That is because the nerve points in the hands were stimulated (in the case of treatment with hand electrodes).
What is the "Resonant Theory" and how does it correlate with "Electro-magnetic therapy"?

The way we have helped people heal themselves in the past has been with the use of herbs, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic remedies. When you look at these, what we have really been giving our patients is the energies of these remedies.
The metabolic activity of the cell is an expression of the dynamic inter-relationship of bio-chemical and electrical reactions, many of which are concerned with the liberation, interchange, or utilization of free body
The use of improper chemicals may set up a counter detrimental reaction that may at times result in improper balance of the body chemistry and body energies. Man is an electronic mechanism. The depletion of these body
energies causes weakness and death.
Since all matter is electrical in nature, and since in the final analysis, all energy is radiant and electrical, then all protoplasm is a system of generators, conduction lines and capacitors within the living cell -
producing and holding body electrical charges.
Story # 10 - Some years ago, while I was working at the National Health Federation, the editor of the magazine badly twisted his knee and could hardly walk it was so painful. I talked him into trying a treatment on my unit a few weeks after the injury. The day following the treatment most of the swelling and pain were gone. A week after the second treatment he was pretty much back to normal.

The chemical constitution of the body is definitely affected by the rays and frequencies of electrical currents. In practice, we must use the correct frequencies and electrical stimulations in the form of 'resonance' so the
body can balance its own energies and in affect, help the body to restore its own health.
Stimulating the cells with pulsed electronic frequencies will increase circulation. These frequencies 'resonate' and synchronise with the natural energy of the cell, and the body itself becomes an actual part of the oxygen generator. The stimulation of oxygen production in the body essentially aids in the elimination of "metabolic toxic waste."
Electro-magnetic therapy has been used by doctors in Europe from around the late 1930's. It's only during the past 9-10 years however, that medical and scientific research has shown the importance of magnetic fields in the balancing of activity at cellular level. The analgesic effect and the promotion of healing damaged tissue makes this non-invasive and drug-free treatment worthy of consideration.
Story # 14 - An elderly patient suffering from chronic fatigue was treated using frequency harmonisation. That evening and following through the next couple of days he felt like he had a case of the flu. He then quickly improved and had several more treatments over the following weeks. He now has plenty of energy and says he now looks forward to life doing things he has not done for years.

The electro-magnetic field penetrates everything in the universe. This field expands and condenses. Humans have a natural magnetic field under the surface of their skin. Every organ in our body is connected electrically with electrolytes and our cells are the capacitors. The continuous metabolic pumping across the cell membranes causes a positive charge into the organ and in turn, the negative ions are absorbed. When the body's energies are low, e.g. during an illness, the cells can act as leaking capacitors. When oxygen is deprived from a cell, their electron charge becomes positive and this can lead to the pleomorphic effect that results in cancer cells.
It is the tones of these harmonics which act as resonators to the cells. The cells come into sympathetic vibrations - 'resonance' - with one another. The essence of this theory is that the electro-magnetic energy penetrating the
body is 'pulsing' as the energy oscillates over a variety of frequencies.
Viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancerous cells become very unstable when subjected to these pulsed electro-magnetic energies. The signals penetrate through the protein coating of a virus, which are destroyed by the vibrating current. The viruses 'shatter' and are not able to reassemble or attack other cells.
Numerous different types of electro-magnetic therapy units developed over recent years are beneficial in the treatment of chronic disease and related conditions including cancer.

Q. Is this covered by insurance?
A: We wish. Maybe someday when the insurance companies realize how many billions they would save!

Q. I heard Frequency Harmonisation works well on dental problems.  What is the track record with this?
 Story #3 - I was visiting a chiropractor friend’s office some eight years ago. He also had a frequency harmoniser to experiment with. He had a nice TV set up in his office and there was a special series of Nature programs scheduled that evening I wished to see. So, I stayed and watched all three episodes. Since, I was just setting there watching TV, I thought why not use my ultrasound unit and get a treatment. As it turned out, I ended up giving myself three back-to-back treatments on the unit. At the end of my third 45-minute treatment cycle I got up to go to the bathroom. As I rose up I experience the very distinct strong subjective feeling of wellness. I thought how odd. I left the office and took care of some business and then to bed. Upon awaking the next morning I was greatly surprised to find myself with pain in the lower left abdomen, when I attempted to rise out of bed. I looked at my abdomen and saw three very large pimples or three small very ripe boils in a straight line. I proceeded to drain them and achieve nice pain relief along with a lot of discharge. During the following weeks, I noticed that a periodic recurring strain feeling that I had for several years in my lower groin was gone and to this day has not returned.

A: Okay, assuming you have not read any of the other answers, we will indulge you.  One of us personally had great success with periodontal disease and a rather persistent tooth or gum infection.  We have had some of this corroborated by our dentist with x-rays.  But, this is a very complicated area. We believe that there are tremendous benefits to using Frequency Harmonisation on the mouth area, e.g. according to some reputable data, most people have pockets of gang green infections in their gums and teeth called cavitations.  Almost all Western societies, due to a sugary, fast-food diet etc. have periodontal disease to some extent.  This keeps many dentists in business.  But, teeth are very complex structures.  A single microbe can hide in an infected tooth and though you destroy all its buddies, they can all grow back pretty quick.  
On the positive side, Frequency Harmonisation is well adapted to the mouth because it can penetrate without surgery or ionizing radiation into the deep bone and tissues that nothing else can, (except on Star Trek of course).  So, there is a good chance you can wipe out most if not all of the germs.  But, again, because of the complexity of the structures, (the tubules if laid out straight might reach the moon if I remember correctly), and because we all have a sweet tooth and do not eat like healthy, primitive societies who never had dental concerns, it is best to double check with x-rays for good measure.  That said, we and others we know, who eat right, have managed to control if not eradicate most dental problems with Frequency Harmonisation.

Q. Can this be used on children?  Can this be used on animals?
A: Yes and yes.  As for animals, the contact has to be with bare skin so they would have to have that area shaved.  No problem.

Story # 12 - An allopathic doctor who had a frequency harmoniser had an abscessed tooth (a molar). His dentist said the tooth would need a root canal. He was given antibiotics to clear up the infection before the root canal. He also had a very large intense static magnetic field treatment device for experimental tissue regeneration work. He thought to himself, I have all this equipment, why don’t I try to get ride of the infection and heal the tooth. So, he continued the antibiotics, used the frequency harmoniser every day, and spent many hours with his tooth (whole head) between two very large intense magnetic pole pieces. After three weeks of this treatment, when he returned to his dentist for the root canal, the tooth X-rays showed the tooth completely healed.

Q. You imply that the contact has to be in a certain place. What about systemic conditions that are all over the body?
A: Frequency is carried very well by blood and arteries and other tissues and thus can reverberate through the entire body when the contact is placed strategically.  

Q. How long is a typical treatment period?  
A: The basic treatment is a 3-30 minute period with the Frequency Harmoniser. Ideally the patient would be treated every day until the condition rectified itself, however we recognise that this may prove difficult so we recommend 1-3 times per week for treatments.
Renascent are delighted to offer this service free of charge to any patient coming in for a private clinic appointment and a nominal fee of $10 per session if attending just the frequency harmonisation session.

Q. Is there any pain?  Do the treatments ever hurt?
A: No, not as a rule.  The only caveat here is the possibility of a brief “hit” that tells you one or more of the salient frequencies have been hit.  Many times, there are more than one.  And, as mentioned, if you kill off a disease like cancer or lyme too quickly, it can cause an overload on your system and thus make you feel sick. Therapy is started very slowly with rest periods so the reaction can be noted. If there is significant “kill-off” effect the treatment schedule must be adapted and slowed down appropriately!
Q. What is a Herxheimer reaction?  Does Frequency Harmonisation ever cause or precipitate such a reaction?   
A: Originally it referred to the reaction to drug therapy of venereal diseases.  However, it has taken on a much wider connotation.  It now refers to, mostly in alternative medicine jargon, the flu-like or just plain yucky feelings that accompany any really effective therapy that kills the offending pathogens.  When any microbes are destroyed in large quantity, they produce poisons that many times mimic the actual disease.  This is very common knowledge to most alternative practitioners.  It is a good sign and the symptoms should not be suppressed as is wont to do in allopathic medicine.  The body, in its wisdom, knows how to get rid of these toxins, However, it always helps to utilize good detoxifying methods to make this process more efficient and more comfortable, e.g. enemas, sauna therapy, hydration (lots of pure water, especially straight after a treatment), proper diet, herbs, exercise, etc.  
You may like to discuss a full detoxification program with us at some stage – particularly if you consume any meat products in your diet.
Q. Does Frequency Harmonisation interfere with other treatments?  If I am taking drugs prescribed by my doctor, is it safe to do Frequency Harmonisation?   What if I just had an operation?  Are there some conditions where it is unsafe to use Frequency Harmonisation?
 A: Frequency Harmonisation does not interfere with other treatments. It is not recommended right after an operation. Those who have ‘pacemakers’ are not recommended to use devices with small electrical currents, as these may interfere with the workings of the device. There are some rare bleeding conditions where it would be contraindicated.  You can discuss this matter further with us directly.  There are very few situations where Frequency Harmonisation cannot be used.  It is non-invasive and synergistic with all other therapies of which we know.  However, we do not recommend using this modality with conventional therapies except as prescribed by a qualified alternative practitioner.  The reason being, whenever there is improvement the doctor or the patient who many times has more “faith” in allopathic medicine almost automatically ascribes the benefit to the orthodox treatment.  Plus, most times, people only try alternative therapies after they have tried all other methods, e.g. chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, experimental drugs, etc.  Unfortunately, many times the prognosis is bad for such unlucky individuals because these very allopathic treatments have destroyed or severely encumbered their immune systems to the point where their body just cannot fight anymore!!  Sorry, sometimes it is too late.
Q. How long does it take for Frequency Harmonisation to work?  
A:    This of course varies with the disease or condition.  Dr. Rife, using his original instrument back in the ‘30s, was able to knock out the really bad ones like cancer in 70 to 90 days.  He had to do it slowly because it takes time for the body to dispense with the break down materials of the tumor.  The liver, kidneys and other eliminative organs have to deal with this “load”.  And also, one must consider that the dead tumor can become food for bacteria and create a secondary problem.  Herxheimer Reaction is the term loosely given to the sometimes flu-like symptoms that accompany the fast break down of a major pathogen in the body.  It is also referred to as the “kill-off effect”.  It is actually a positive sign.  Sometimes, when the “effective frequency” is hit in a scanning segment, a strange but unmistakable sensation (or hit) can be felt in the affected area(s)!  This is also a very good sign.

Q. Is there a complete list of Frequency Harmonisation frequencies and the corresponding diseases that they affect?
A:    There are lists even on the internet and some of these frequencies may or may not be valid.  However, we contend that since there have been no real clinical trials we know of, (because of resistance from the establishment), that we cannot be certain. Also, one other factor is that these microbes, especially cancer, change and mutate and there are even new strains, both naturally mutated and manmade, etc.  How does one keep up with this?  And, there is always the consideration that many, if not most diseases are a combination of many opportunistic infections in various parts of the body.  We address this and other problems with personal Kinesiology and Qi Gong.

Q. Is it important to feel an electrical 'tingle' when Rifing or doing blood electrification?
A. Absolutely not. Whether or not you feel anything is dependent on your nervous systems response to the electricity. But the target is not the nervous system, but rather microbes. With continued usage, people often feel the electricity less and less although the amount and effect is the same.

Q. What is the average treatment time per frequency?
A. 3-40 minutes depending on the concern. Frequency Harmonisation is best used daily for at least 3 days, others have found using the system longer is beneficial.

Q. How often do people do treatments?
A. Ideally every day if they aren't having heavy die-off symptoms. Otherwise they wait till the symptoms subside before commencing treatment again.

Q. What does a frequency generator do?
What researchers are discovering today is that every bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite has its own frequency, which can be identified. Once a frequency of a pathogen is known, it can be destroyed by increased amplitude of its own frequency. The membrane walls are shattered and the pathogen quickly dies.

Q. What can this mean for mankind?
It means that destroying the pathogen and restoring the individual back to wellness can reverse any disease, which is caused by a pathogen. The best part is that the healthy cells will not be affected, since they function on a different frequency.
The plan is to implode the pathogen cells (you can see this actually happen with a dark field microscope!) using quality directed frequencies. The body can then heal itself. It doesn't matter which disease you have.

Manufacturers & Practitioners are forbidden to discuss any medical benefits for disease without FDA approval. But FDA approval and development for use on each disease costs about $234-359 million. $234 million is just 3 days profits for the drug industry. But it is unlikely that anyone in the drug or health care industry will pay to get our technology FDA-approved - not while insurance pays them up to $200,000 per cancer patient for using their therapy. So until we can afford $234 million to approve each of the 400 known uses of bioactive frequencies, all we can legally say about the research reports listed here is that they even amaze us.

If you want to know the truth, find the answers for yourself. To get well, ask people that have gotten well, not people that are endlessly being treated with dangerous drugs.

The following are articles published at the time that Royal Rife was working.

A San Diego scientist, Royal Raymond Rife, Pt. Loma, claimed discovery that bombarding them with radio waves tuned to a particular length for each kind of organism, today can kill disease organisms, including one occurring in dread cancer. He added that he had isolated this cancer organism but is not positive yet that it is the direct cause of the disease.
The discovery promised fulfillment of man’s age-old hope for a specific destroyer of all his infectious diseases, although Rife avoided any claim that he had established this yet. He announced his work in the conservative manner of scientists, but his reports indicated the great promise in their telling of successful bombardment of thousands of cultures of organisms, including almost all kinds known to mankind.
Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, the tumor resembling cancer but not so mortal as it; streptococcus infection, typhoid fever, staphylococcus infection and two forms of leprosy were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves. He said that his laboratory experiments indicated that the method could be used successfully and safely, in organisms at work in living tissues.

“We do not wish at this time,” Rife commented,” to claim that we have ‘cured’ cancer, or any other disease, for that matter. But we can say that these waves, or this ‘ray,’ as the frequencies might be called, have been shown to possess the power of de-vitalizing disease organisms, of ‘killing’ them, when tuned to an exact, particular wave length, or frequency, for each different organism. This applies to the organisms both in their free state and with certain exceptions, when they are in living tissues.”

The discovery promised fulfillment of man's age-old hope for a specific destroyer of all his infectious diseases, although Rife avoided any claim that he had established this yet.
He announced his work in the conservative manner of scientists, but his reports indicated the great promise in their telling of successful bombardment of thousands of cultures of organisms, including almost all kinds known to mankind. Organisms from tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, the tumor resembling cancer but not so mortal as it; streptococcus infection, typhoid fever, staphylococcus infection and two forms of leprosy were among many which the scientist reported are killed by the waves.
He said that his laboratory experiments indicated that the method could be used successfully and safely, in organisms at work in living tissues. "We do not wish at this time", Rife commented," to claim that we have 'cured' cancer, or any other disease, for that matter.

But we can say that these waves, or this 'ray,' as the frequencies might be called, have been shown to possess the power of de-vitalizing disease organisms, of 'killing' them, when tuned to an exact, particular wave length, or frequency, for each different organism. This applies to the organisms both in their free state and with certain exceptions, when they are in living tissues


This is in contrast to any synthetic drug, whose unnatural chemistry eventually produces damaging side effects, such as impotence, high blood pressure, hair loss, and damage to heart, kidneys, & immune system.
This is a partial list of diseases that this technology has been effective in helping alleviate.
HIV Infections Leukemia, Heart Conditions, Herpes, infections, Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuralgia Prostate Cancer, Pneumonia, Sarcoma, Stroke Warts, Acne Allergies Arthritis Athlete’s foot Bone spurs Candida Colds (some) Constipation, Cramps, Depression, Diabetes, Dysmenorrhea, Fever, Fibroid Tumors Flu (some strains), Headaches Insomnia Joint pain Kidney infection Lupus Pain Paralysis Staph & Strep Ulcers Abscesses Adenoids Alopecia Asthma Back pain Bronchitis, Carcinoma, Cardiovascular, Carpal Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Dental infection, Diarrhea

Disclaimer: To comply with FDA requirements we need to inform you the fact that a lot of people have had tremendous results does not guarantee that you will have the same results. Also, if you have a serious medical condition, this use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. Our experiences have been that most people will use this technology while continuing to visit their usual/normal medical professionals.

Please read the DISCLAIMER. Frequency Harmonisation products are utilised for learning, self-improvement and simple relaxation. No statement contained in this brochure or service provided, and no information provided by any Renascent employee, should be construed as a claim or representation that these products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The information contained in this brochure or service provided is deemed to be based on reliable and authoritative report. However, certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the statements contained here. Renascent assumes no liability or risk involved in the use of the products described here. We make no warranty, expressed or implied, other than that the material conforms to relaxation and experimentation.

NOTICE: Due to FDA TGA MOH (plus other institutions with a vestige interest) regulations and various state laws, no medical claims can be made for alternative therapies and technology. All of the information expressed herein must be considered theoretical and unproven and for experimental research only

This article was published on Sunday 15 March, 2009.
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