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Some of the new links for you to browse on the web site that we are very excited about include:

  • Upcoming tours & travels
  • The Renascent photo gallery - take a look at some great pictures of students, the Renascent centre and tours
  • The Energy Infused Products - here we have a range of natural bathing salts, delicious and decadent teas and herbal teas  - beautiful glycerine soaps - made with natural ingredients & pure essential oils). These are delightful products, utilising the healing properties of herbs, essential oils and essences. However, they have all been infused with high level Qi Gong energy for specific purposes. Delicious and lovely products infused to uplift the mind, body and soul and remove blockages. (When I was blending the Romance blend, I felt compelled to go and give Daryll a big kiss and hug for no particular reason. It wasn't until later that I realised what I had been blending). The teas are proving to be most popular with delicious tastes and soul upliftment. Choose from 12 varieties.     I have also completed all the products pages, including the spiritual products and gems and crystals pages.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.
  • The gem healing pages, I have discovered take up a very large amount of space so after much decisions we have chosen to place just one essence from each of the color group up (7 in total). Although it doesn't list all of the essences and their healing properties (this is available in the Renascent Gem Essence Manual) it will certainly assist for general healing and insights every day.   I hope you enjoy this special service, please check back regularly. Photos of most of the products are available on the web site. Please feel free to email or contact me should you need any further information.
  • The *NEW* XYRON Products are now listed, These are amazing machine for making your own full color gloss stickers, fridge magnets, business cards & more. I love these machines - they have saved me more money in my business than anything else - I think they are fabulous
  • Our NEW clinic and waiting area - FREE 15 minute massages with private clinic sessions and frequency harmoniser treatments!
  • Mosquito-Click is a revolutionary remedy for insect bites! If you or someone you know is travelling or likes the outdoors or simply gets bitten by insects - here's the perfect device - you'll wonder how you did without it!
  • Correspondence Courses & Qi Gong DVD's: Great ideas, study at your leisure, gain valuable skills & professionally accredited certificates -  Houses of Life Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine, Crystal Light Balancing, Crystal Workshop, Gem Essence Course, Qi Gong DVD's - place your order anytime!

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If you have anything you feel is of interest that you would like to share with us, please feel free to email us. We look forward to sharing with you soon and hopefully hearing of what ever you are also up to. With love, light, blessings and kindest regards Lesley & Daryll Mitchell (& Gabriel & Emma - our children!)

  Below is a little information about 'our story"  Hi - you may know all this about us anyway, however, we have recently received some emails asking exactly what we do here & I decided to send this out on our mailing list in case you are interested. If you have had any trouble logging on to our web site or would like further info', try doing a search on "Intuitive Sciences" or "Daryll Mitchell" or "Lesley Antonoff" or "Lesley Mitchell", these will pull up a few other sites as well you may find interesting. Page mark the site as a favourite and we will let you know of other developments as the evolve.

The International College of Intuitive Sciences  & Renascent Centre

143 Research Rd, Warrandyte, 3113, Ph 9844 5888 Fax: 9844 2788

We would like to take this opportunity to explain a little about ourselves to you - we look forward to hearing from you.

Renascent is a family run business that was founded in 1991 by Lesley Mitchell (nee Antonoff). Lesley was later one of the directors of The Australian College of Feng Shui & Geomancy, worked with many other organisations and well known people around the world, authored 9 books and travelled extensively around the world teaching and studying. We began teaching personal development and healing classes and a natural health clinic. Shortly after this, we discovered a need to find good quality products for our own use both in the clinic, classes and in Feng Shui consultations. From this the college students and our practitioners requested that they too could purchase these products for use in their own work, hence a retail aspect to our business was began. Shortly after this, certain shopkeepers requested that they may be able to purchase our products for resale in their shops and clinics, hence a wholesale aspect was begun. It was only a short matter of time before this took off and became a major part of our lives and currently we supply many businesses in Australia and overseas.

The International College of Intuitive Sciences was founded by Daryll Mitchell after realising that the demand for Feng Shui practitioners were too great for one persons private consultations. From a need to provide good quality practitioners, the college was begun as well as education for those with an interest in these areas. Daryll has over 22 years background in Ch'i (energy) development, martial arts and music. The college has a strong emphasis on integrity and spiritual foundations in all work. We are proud to work with a number of Ch'i and Feng Shui masters and practitioners in Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, England, USA and Indonesia. Many of our wholesale and retail customers have become workshop sponsors and held very successful seminars and classes in their own areas. (Further information sheets are available if you are interested in running a seminar or series with the college). Daryll now focuses on a few main areas including: Feng Shui, Reiki & Medical & Spiritual Qi Gong.

A few of the Qualifications of Daryll & Lesley Mitchell: Kinesiology Instructors & Practitioners, Gem Essence Instructor Trainer, Natural Therapists, Vibrational Healers, Feng Shui & Geomancy Consultants, Qi Gong Masters, Metaphysicians, Tao Initiates, International Authors & Lecturers, Gemmologist, Ba Natural therapies, Horticulture, Landscape Design.

A complete college newsletter is available free at anytime by request

Premises and lifestyle: Although both aspects of Renascent Centre and The International College of Intuitive Sciences have become very successful businesses, they are more than that to us, they are our life in so many ways. We not only teach and sell these services and products, but we live the principles and incorporate them into our everyday life in every aspect.

We travel extensively and spend as much time on other continents as we do in Australia   However when we are in AUSTRALIA as well as working often long & varied hours, we:

  • Manage & teach a college of natural therapies - from individual workshops through to training professional diploma courses - to date the smallest class we have taught was to 1 and the largest to 3000 participants
  • Operate a private & public clinic (by donation)
  • Work intensively with the girls on the IVF program
  • Work at the cancer hospitals in Melbourne
  • Run a retail / wholesale business for our products and supply natural therapists / centres / new age stores / health food stores/ gift stores / crafters worldwide
  • Teach voluntarily for the community houses / centres around Melbourne
  • Consult for homes & businesses in Feng Shui, Geomancy, Tien Ti (Blessings) and space clearing
  • Author books - Lesley has currently published 9 books with 3 more due for release in 2005 / 2006
  • Recording music, correspondence courses & seminars professionally in the studio
  • Teach eBay classes and offer many surplus / special items for sale on eBay (see crystalmoonlight04 for our current listings)
  • Work developing a small aspect of permaculture and self sufficiency in our own garden & home & continue the never ending task of looking after 2 acres with fruit trees, rose bushes, a rapidly declining (due to the drought) fern garden, paddock, vegetables garden which we share with parrots, kookaburras, koalas, the occasional wombat & kangaroo, echidnas, lizards and more
  • and spend as much time as possible in Ch'i development practices, meditation & spiritual cultivation
  • and amongst all that - playing, educating and communicating with (our little boy - 1998) Gabriel & (our little girl - 2003) Emma (both of whom always travel with us)

When we are in CHINA / MALAYSIA / BORNEO / NEPAL / BALI / ENGLAND  as well as working often long & varied hours:

  • Work at the XiYuan Medical Qi Gong hospital
  • Assist at a local school / orphanage for disabled children
  • Teach for tourists & locals in Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Reiki & other and natural therapies
  • Have the basis of many products manufactured
  • Meet with publishers & finalise books being published we have authored
  • Train with and to the local masters
  • Finalise plans and bookings for upcoming tours
  • Shops for great products to share with you on eBay
  • Consult for homes, hotels & businesses in Feng Shui, Geomancy, Tien Ti (Blessings) and space clearing
  • We are just finalising plans to work more intensively with one of the local orphanages in Beijing
  • Study many varied topics with our teachers, including art / calligraphy / feng shui / qi gong / buddhism / beauty therapy and more
  • Spend what ever free time we can in the little villages & "off the beaten track", although all 4 of us seem to have a penchat for Starbucks iced choc' every scorchingly hot afternoon that comes along.

We also take tour groups on spiritual / healing tours and have worked with the groups in: CHINA / MALAYSIA / BORNEO / NEPAL / BALI / INDONESIA / THAILAND - You're right in thinking - we don't sleep a great deal!  

In 2001 we made the move to a lovely village (where Lesley grew up) 20-30 minutes out of Melbourne city in Warrandyte, we finally have some privacy, land and as far as we can see (almost) is our own property. We are currently delighting in being able to look up at a country night sky, with stars not illuminated from city lights. We delighted in meeting a large koala bear friend the other day and are so far not minding sharing our crops with the rabbits.

Although we offer college courses and retail products by mail order, we are not housed in a large corporate office, rather we have the head offices, stock room, recording studio, seminar room, clinic and the manufacturing area based on our own property.

We have a humble & simple down to earth life, with much of our healing and classes by donation. Whilst we need to pay our bills (like everyone) and have some extra income, we choose to charge for some classes and clinic sessions so we are able to dedicate ourselves and our time 100% to being the best teachers and healers we can. Naturally the bills must be paid some where and by charging for some services we can follow this path (and be of the best benefit to you) fully. However, rather than a financial decision we made a decision to follow our hearts and the journey we are led on.

What we can offer to you: The products and services we supply are those which make a change in the consciousness in some way. They are those we use in our own lives that we know work. We do not supply trinkets or decorations, only items which hold spiritual, uplifting or healing benefits.

As Renascent is backed by The International College of Intuitive Sciences and The International College of Gem Essences we are able to guarantee that all the Feng Shui, Ch'i Energy and Gem Essence products we supply are accurate, potentised and effective. We offer back up support and make ourselves available to you for any questions that may arise from yourself or your clients and are happy to spend time over the phone to provide clarity and understanding in many topics for yourself &/or your staff in the use of our products. We also offer free introductory evenings with the college and evening seminars that begin from as little as $20, right through to fully qualified professional diplomas.

In 2003 we are delighted to offer "Community Services" in a spiritual development circle, Qi Gong Practice sessions and public healing days all by donation.

As a result of this and our personal quests and journeys we are pleased to have developed wonderful friendships with many of our students and customers over the years from around the globe.

In the clinic we offer many varied techniques for healing, health and vitality including Kinesiology, Qi Gong, Herbalism, Ch'i techniques, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Acupressure, Vibrational Medicine, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, Stellar Essences, Gem Essences, Flower Essences, Vitamin & supplement support along with some less known techniques. Once a week we have "public healing" where no booking for healing sessions is required and payment is by donation.

In the classes we offer a range of topics including: Feng Shui, Geomancy, Reiki, Kinesiology, Qi Gong, Meditation, Spiritual Development, Natural Healing, Energy techniques, Touch For Health, Gemmology, Crystal Light Balancing, Crystal Workshop, Gem Essences, Stellar Essences, Sound Healing, Tien Ti Space Clearing and many more varied topics including overseas journeys of transformation.

What we can not offer you: As our business is varied, (& generally speaking only Daryll & myself working from home) we can not guarantee you 24 hour service 7 days a week. We can not always guarantee to answer all calls immediately (even in business hours). Very often we are teaching seminars (in Australia and Overseas), employed in Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses, working with clients in the clinic or answering an urgent request from a delightful little soul that is now sharing their life with us.

However, during these times we do have answer services or voice mail (on both phone lines) and we will happily return your call as soon as possible and guarantee you personal attention and service to your request or inquiry. Orders or enquiries may be emailed or faxed through 24 hours a day. Our email is 

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.

With kindest regards - we look forward to sharing more with you, Good Qi to you.........

Lesley & Daryll Mitchell

May your day be filled with very special blessings, enlightenment & awakenings.


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