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Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences

Would you like to work as a professional health practitioner ?

This is a perfect year to begin & / or complete your studies - Now more than ever natural therapies is a rapidly growing industry with more money being spent on alternative therapies than there was on orthodox medicine. More people are searching out natural therapies & that means more therapists are now required than ever before. Could this year be ‘your' year to join this wonderful, rewarding & successful area ?

We are delighted to offer professional courses that lead to certificates & diplomas in personal development, Natural Health Sciences, Feng Shui & Geomancy, Reiki, Medical Qi Gong, Blessings along with a wide range of personal interest studies & community services. Whether you study to enhance or begin your career or just for interest & / or the health and vitality of yourself &/or your family. If your interest lies in personal development, environmental studies /awareness or natural health - we are sure to have something of interest for you.

Professional Kinesiology Consultant

It is now possible to complete this qualification part time over a 1 year period. Never has it been more affordable.

Your starting point is with the Basic Kinesiology (Touch For Health) Weekends.

A series of 3 weekends generally held 1 month apart. These weekends are fascinating, awakening & great fun. Most people who do BK 1 (just for fun) enjoy them so much they choose to continue on. My personal career in natural therapies all began with a TFH 1 (now known as BK) class. By the end of the weekend I knew there was nothing else I more wanted to do than work in this field.

From here there are Kinesiology mini workshops that are varied in their topic, each focusing on a different health aspect, discounts are available for the TFH student.

Otherwise there is a Kinesiology Introduction talk to explain the basics, delight, amaze & teach you the basics to see if Kinesiology may be 'your thing'. There is a nominal charge for this evening.

At this point you have a variety of courses available to you that you can choose to undertake. You may even refresh some previously completed (as an assistant) & gain repeat hours. You need to achieve a minimum of 60 study hours to apply for the certificate of basic Kinesiology.

After completing BK 3 you are eligible to enter Qi Gong Kinesiology - an 8.5 day course taking the student through to professional Kinesiologist qualification. If you have completed TFH & gone no further or would like to work professionally as a Kinesiologist, we are delighted to now accredit all TFH hours & offer classes all in Warrandyte to take you through to professional status.

The last step in your professional qualification is to achieve a minimum of 120 study hours (including the 60 already achieved in the 1st certificate level). Although the choice is yours as to which courses you choose, you must include at least 1 essence course, essences in practice and 2 anatomy & physiology courses.

At this point you will have sat 1 exam and had many personal healings (giving & receiving), you will have had one on one instruction at various points and if necessary a private meeting with your instructor.

You can now apply for the Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Consultant & although you may begin working in a practice after BK 1, you are now well skilled and practiced to begin work professionally in a clinical sense. 

Professional Reiki Practitioner & Instructor

It is now possible to complete this qualification part time over a 3 month period. Now for the 1st time ever - with new levels.

Your starting point is with the Usui / Japanese Traditional Reiki 1.

A weekend or series of evening courses. In this very 1st level you will receive personal healings and attunements to open you to receiving & giving this divine energy ‘from the heart'. Many people have had profound experiences once these energy centres have been opened. For my personal experience, I physically saw colored auras on people the 1st time in a Reiki level 2 class.

Should you desire to continue with the Reiki system you can progress to  Reiki level 2 & 3. These classes will build on your skills and provide further energetic personal attunements to deepen your skill.

The next step is Reiki Master. A fascinating class to take the student through to Master level. Deeper skills, more advanced attunements and a sharing of ancient secret knowledge will be passed from the instructor to the new master. If you have followed the Usui path, at this point you are eligible to enter the Usui Reiki Instructor Training Course - A special class which give you personal attunements to teach you how to attune others to this energy & qualifies you as a Reiki 1&2 instructor.

You can now apply for the Diploma of Reiki &/or the certificate of Usui Reiki Master Instructor & although you may begin working in a practice after Reiki 1, you are now well skilled and practiced to begin work professionally in a clinical sense.

For the first time ever (in 2003) we are delighted to offer - Japanese Traditional Reiki. We are pleased to share with you levels 1, 2 and Master in this field. A more traditional complementary system to Western Reiki (see prospectus for more info'). We offer a discount to our existing Usui masters on this class.

You can attend just Usui  Reiki 1 or continue through to Doujou Reiki and then master level.

On the completion of Reiki Master level, you can apply for the certificate of PROFESSIONAL Reiki PRACTITIONER.

On the completion of master level of both Usui & Doujou Reiki, you can apply for the Diploma of Reiki.

See the full prospectus for more info on each class & the latest newsletter for dates & times.

Generally each class is only offered once a year so check dates carefully to ensure you do not miss the beginning class in your chosen field of study

Professional Qi Gong Practitioner & Master

For the 1st time in 2003 we offered complete Qi Gong Cultivation classes as well as practice & masters.

Anyone can attend Qi Gong Practice classes, they are now held as community services on every Monday from 9.30-10am and every Friday from 7-8am. Payment is by donation (suggested $10 per class) & no booking is required, you simply turn up when ever you like to attend. Although regular attendance is recommended for maximum benefit for at least the 1st 6 months.

The difference between practicing at home and in a dedicated classroom, if that you teacher has prepared the room especially for receiving divine energies, in many ways you receive a healing just by being here and this boost can greatly assist both the beginner & the advanced practitioner.

A new class is being offered in 2004  - Qi Gong Cultivation on Mondays at 9.30-11.30am (attendance at the 9.30am class is compulsory yet not charged for). This is a very special class (bookings required & places are limited) $20 p.c. as it is a dedicated ongoing Qi Gong development. In this class students will be provided more practice time, yet as they progress, they will be initiated into new energies and have special teachings passed down from the master. Students may enrole after the commencement date, yet may need additional studies. Inquire today!

For those dedicated to Qi Gong development - Qi Gong Master class is available. This weekend class requires the student to have attended some Qi Gong Practice sessions or have private discussions with Daryll regarding this. In this life changing 2 day course, the student will be given personal attunements to receiving this energy and be taught how to cultivate, harness and transmit a very high level Qi (energy)

For myself personally, I probably gained the most personal advancement in awakening & practical skills I could use personally & in my business from this class more than any other class I have attended.

By the end of the weekend (& with further practice) you may begin working in a practice & you are now well skilled and practiced to begin work professionally in a clinical sense & personally to uplift & awaken.

(**QI GONG CULTIVATION CLASS** Mondays 10-11.30 Bookings very limited - call today)        

Professional Feng Shui & Geomancy Practitioner

It has long been recognized that no matter how good the healing work is, the environment can undermine & undo the work, reverting people back to a state of ill health. In order to have good healing on all levels, it is therefore necessary to be skilled in looking a little further than just the body which is presented to you.

The beginning point in this study is Feng Shui 1 - The Beginning - now available on correspondence, so it may be completed at any time.

Alternatively you may begin with Geomancy - Sacred Earth - a fascinating class where we look at Ley lines, underground water lines & many non physical aspects & their corrections.

Feng Shui 2 builds on skills learnt in 1 and deepens your knowledge.

EMF & Chi products can be undertaken at any time and is valuable tools and skills to awaken & protect us on many levels from unseen forces. It is an inexpensive, fun evening with some very dramatic demonstrations as to how the body reacts to certain situations.

Houses of Life is a practical course in space clearing & essences.

Consultancy brings it all together & prepares you as a professional.

For the dedicated student Destiny Analysis, Tien Ti & Qi Gong Master classes will take the student to Master level & provide skills few practitioners have. A valuable practitioner for the community.

Chinese astrology is a wonderful course for anyone interested in understanding the workings of their own being & those around them. A fascinating insight & tool to bring you back into connection with yourself.

We teach & use classical Feng Shui (not Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui for many strong reasons, please feel free to speak with us if you would like clarity on this matter). consulting in homes & businesses.

Professional Tien Ti Practitioner & Master

A perfect adjunct to any healing work - a blessing that can be done in any environment of the highest level to override & enhance any previous blessing done. Recently in USA bushfires went through an area devastating every house except 1. Although it was in direct path & everything around it was cindered, it remained untouched by the fire.... It was the only house that had been blessed.

Tien Ti Master is a 1 day class. You will receive special gifts to assist you in your blessing work and as well as theory, by the end of the day, you will be taken off site into a real environment to perform your 1st house blessing ceremony.

In my experience, everyone perceives a subtle change in the environment after a blessing, even if they are unable to determine what it is, the area seems fresher, cleaner & brighter to all.

By the end of the day (& with further practice) you are now qualified to begin work professionally consulting in homes & businesses. An area lately in request more & more.

Diploma of Natural Health Sciences

For those delving into natural healing - Study for personal interest, pick & choose topics that appeal or continue through to Diploma level - the choice is yours.

Some of the courses completed are accredited with othe certificates / streams hence you may be completing 1 class whilst achieving credits towards 2 or more qualifications as you continue.

This stream of study provides the student with a wide variety of topics to create a broad knowledge base to work in a clinical sense or for personal information & healing.

Refer to the diploma application form / prospectus for further info'

By the culmination of these courses, you may begin working in a practice & you are now well skilled and practiced to begin work professionally in a clinical sense & will have good skills for personal enlightenment.

At the end of each level you are qualified to begin work professionally

Professional Feng Shui, Tien Ti Blessings & Geomancy Consultations

From 30 min'  mini' reports to private homes/corporations. All queries happily discussed in a professional manner. Would you like your home / business / centre professionally blessed & / or Feng Shui aligned by a practitioner with 22 years experience in Qi development?

Professional/Comprehensive Astrology Readings

    * Vedic * Chinese * Tibetan * Western Astrology

A complete  book specifically written for you  or your friends with all calculations, explanations & analysis completed. Insights into your personality, greater harmony, awareness & enlightenment.  Please provide: Full name(s), birth date, place of birth, time of birth (if known). NB - 3 weeks notice may be required. 
Costs:   Mail Order $45.00 (+ $3 postage

How can you be qualified in a day or a weekend ?

Naturally information is one thing, experience & practice is what makes a good practitioner. We are dedicated to providing quality support to our clients & practitioners. We now offer master class updates for you to keep up to speed with all that is occurring & enhance your skills - We look forward to sharing with you.

How do I book in? Call us on (03) 98445888

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