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Renascent College of Intuitive Sciences

Clinic News

Private Clinic Appointments
Weekdays & Evenings - by request Appointment Req’ with Daryll Mitchell (College principal)

WHAT IS IT ? Natural healing uses as its model for health the idea of the ‘vital force’ or Qi (chee) and endeavours to balance this energy to bring a more positive, uplifting and joyous quality to life. There are no needles, drugs or x-rays used and this allows the client to be supported gently to assist the release of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual concerns. Our clinic uses modern and ancient techniques to assist the healing process for all health concerns. Some of the techniques used include:- Qi Gong (Buddhist Qigong, Zhineng Qigong, Zhen Qi), Kinesiology (TFH, PKP, Edu-K, One Brain), Reiki (Traditional Japanese Usui), Colour Healing (Crystal Light Balancing), Gem, Flower & Stellar Essences, Spiritual healing (Johrei), Radionics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Supplements.



In a private session, you are allocated 45 minutes (1hr - 1st session), Mr Mitchell will determine the most appropriate modality for you. (As listed above). Included in your session is time for chatting about any concerns & suggestions for boosting your health between sessions. You may be given a small list of vitamin/mineral suggestions (from a health food store) or we stock a small variety of difficult to obtain supplements, if required (usually $2-$40.00 in total). You will be offered a herbal infusion at completion.

WHO COMES TO CLINIC ? All are welcome. We see a wide range of clients with chronic and acute conditions, from life threatening illness to basic ‘tune ups’. To assist with:- energy, increased health, emotions, physical function, relationships, learning, sports performance, motivation, abundance, psychic attack, spiritual illness, greater clarity, life path and more.


How often do I come? You can come as aften as you like (generally 2 to 3 weeks apart. In some cases 1 session may be all that is required. In deeper seated concerns a series of sessions may be required (generally 4-6 sessions depending on the severity of the concern. Naturally other things occur in our lives and whilst the original issue may be cleared you may like to come back to look at another concern(s).

In between sessions you may come on Fridays at 10.30am for a session in public healing - by donation.

CLINIC environment? Our clinic is aligned using ’higher’ Feng Shui, Geomancy & Spiritual principals to bring the best energetic support while being treated or in simply chatting to our consultant. As well as your session, you are having ‘healing’ by being here soaking in the Qi Field information.

How do I book IN ?

Call us on (03) 9844 5888 or email for vacancies

CLINIC COSTS: Full private sessions - We allow up to 1hrs for the 1st session and up to 45 mins for consecutive sessions. Each session costs $90 which includes any essences used throughout the session (if required). Additional purchases may include supplements / vitamins ($2-$40).  

A clinic discount card is available for clients that gives the 6th session at no charge (saving $90)

Why do these prices seem so inexpensive - compared to similar practitioners?
We value the work we do greatly and we see terrific results in healing in so many cases and far ranging concerns with our clients, however we wish to make the healing accessable to all.
Anyone with an illness is all too aware of the enormous costs of specialist care - we do not wish to add further financial burden in troubled times. Hence we endeavour to keep costs as minimal as possible whilst still allowing us to operate the centre as a viable business.
We realise that in some cases more frequent sessions may be required (eg:- within the samre week )to get on top of the illness, hence we are delighted to offer discounts for these sessions.


We are delighted to say we have a 99% success rate of conception & live births with our IVF girls. One of our clients had been on IVF unsuccessfully for 6 years, after 1 clinic session she went home & conceived naturally that evening. She gave birth to a lovely healthy baby boy a couple of weeks ago. Our clinic clients in Beijing have now all successfully conceived & the last one gave birth last week – wonderful! I have also recently received emails from people to let us know that terminal (incurable) diseases have miraculously ‘disappeared’, relationships with children/partners are much better, areas of difficulty in lives have become easy, life directions have become focused and many reports of greatly increased energy & general health & vitality. Thank you so much to all our clients who take the time to write in & let us know of your experiences – it makes it immensely rewarding.  


WINTER SUPPORT: Winter is upon us and kidney / bladder qi is often weakened during this time making us worried, afraid and prone to back injuries. Your immune system may not be functioning at optimum with general lethargy and prone to infections & ill health. It is a perfect time to come in for a session or several……………..


Don’t we all! As part of our continuing Renascent support we often feel that students / patients would accelerate their healing / studies much better if they could afford to attend more regularly. For years now we have been pondering a way to make this viable and after working diligently in China clinics & with our master practitioners we have accelerated Daryll’s healing sessions requiring slightly less time for an even better healing experience. Now we have a great offer for you…………

Collect your clinic discount card on your next visit. Valid for 12 months & your 6th session is completely free. (save $90)





 Are now 45 minutes (1 hours for 1st sessions) & are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and we have some overflow slots available each week varying around events. FEES: Are $90 per session with discounts applying for severe cases with more regular sessions.…………………




Bring a friend! During a clinic session there is a period of healing and then a period of integration time, then further healing, bring a friend with you & Daryll will work on them whilst you are integrating within the same session. You both receive healing energy during the same time slot. FEE: $105 for 2  




Our natural health clinic!

We utilise the same space for private clinic sessions as we do for public healing and classes. The energy in this space is wonderful, upon entering a sense of serenity & peace washes over you and you can feel yourself bathed by lovely, fresh healing energies - Waxing peotic I know, however it really is a lovely space.

Daryll's appointments available by request.

Book in today and experience this lovely energy for yourself.

Scroll down for Detox' Information

News on the professional practitioner detoxification program

As briefly mentioned in recent news, I have just undergone an intensive 9 week naturopathic detoxification program & I would like to share my experiences with you in the hopes it may be of interest & perhaps also inspire you.

I began the detox’ as I felt a little "stale", I felt I needed some freshness and vitality and a bit more energy. I had been considering a detox’ for some time (as it had been 12 years since my last full program)

I decided to have a healing session with Daryll to see if this would assist, however, utilising Kinesiology and reading the "Ch’i" of my body, Daryll also felt a full detox’ was necessary.

For my individual program I tested out for the Low reactive diet for the entire program, my initial urine sample showed parasitical & bacterial waste products present & I tested for a range of products to clear and clean this concern and then begin rebuilding to support my program & my self on many levels.

Further down this page I am happy to share with you a little "mini diary" of my experiences & how I felt during &after the program.

I hope it may enlighten you, inspire you & assist you on the path to your own good health.

With kindest regards, blessings & good wishes, Lesley Mitchell

Click here for a personal experience of a full practitioner detox’ program by Lesley Mitchell


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