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1st Sat' in December annually - SUPER SALE


VENUE: 143 Research Rd, Warrandyte, 3113

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Grand Christmas Sale - ALL WELCOME  1st Sat’ in Dec’ - Orders may be Emailed, Phoned or Faxed through, prior to or during the sale  No Obligation  - Please feel free to come along and browse, - Have a cuppa & time out with us Have a wonderful & safe Christmas & 2010 with our blessings.

Ph: 03 9844 5888      Fax: (03) 9844 2788   Email:

MARK THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY - We look forward to seeing you.


You are invited to a special  Xmas ‘Garage’ SALE day  on:   1st Saturday in Dec’

10am- 4pm



Can't get here? - just email your order back from the below list and we will pack for you on the 5th

Require more info' on any items ? - please call or email! 

FREE: Entry, tea & nibbles - Come along, collect some bargains for your self & friends, Have a lovely day


FREE CATALOGUES: By email – request a copy! LOOK AT too!

** FREE workshops - email for details of each to invite these beautiful energies into your home & get things flowing gently. Bless your home with abundance, happiness and success. Learn how to invite this Qi into your home.

As a special gift to you, we will be giving each participant a gift relevant to the workshop - eg - 1 bottle of Tien Ti Space Clearing Mister FREE (RRP $49.95). Bookings required


ALL ITEMS IN CATALOGUE AVAILABLE + (2010 items listed here - to provide an idea of items)

  • (4) Private clinic vouchers - Just $60 (1 per customer)
  • GEMS– Crystals & treasures, gems & minerals (up to 100) $20 1 kg bag
  • PRAYER Sutras  - Prayer pouches to radiate blessings $5.95ea
  • Energy Infused  bath salts - $6.95 Now $5 or 3 for $12 – Rainbow Christmas Salts too! The kids will love them
  • Energy Infused  herbal bathing alchemy kit - $9.95 / 3 for $15
  • lucky showbags Up to $99.95 value  Now All $20 ea, includes a variety of: books, incense, feng shui symbols, soap - why so cheap ?- We need to make room for new items in 2008 & this is the easiest way to clear bits & pieces of remaining stock. Packed in a handy travel bag.
  • GEMSTONE TREASURE CHESTS – A wonderful assortment, a perfect gift for someone who has everything, a selection of gems, bagged & labelled so you know what they are – fascinating (+$80 value) $25
  • Selenite & fluorite massage wand–Gorgeous design, carved into a soft twist with fluorite cap for strength. Now $12.95
  • Glow in the dark pendants & dolphins - $8.95 10 for $10
  • Jade locks – Hand carved solid jade $39.95 $10 for 3
Redeem your good friends cards: If you have been collecting these stickers with your purchases. For the sale only: we have some very special redemptions. Even stickers given for purchases on the day can be redeemed. Call for mail order
  • CRAFT ACTIVIties  - for you & / or the kids – make gifts!
  • LUCKY JADE CARVINGS - $9.95ea Now $4 or 10 for $12
  • GEM TREaSURES Now $4ea or $25 per kg
  • divine drinking chocolate with Pure Callebaut choc’ $8.90jar
  • Home Style Turkish Delight  Made with rosewater, pistachios & the freshest ingredients $6.95box or 2 for $12.00 Sold out in 1st hr last year
  • Many other special items - come along!!
  • For the ‘crafty’: All soap supplies with a few special offers. Gem Tree kits - $6 each or 2 for $10, Jewellery Making kits $12ea, Gemstone suncatcher kits $16.95ea or 2 for $20, , Beautiful Hand Blown Venetian Glass  beads –50% off , Acrylic beads 50gm $3, tumbled gems $2 bag, Jewellery Findings $3pkt
  • fjintong blood pressure watches–Amazing reports of health & healing, blood pressure normalized in just 30 minutes of wearing. A fantastic gift with a difference. A beautiful looking watch in medium or large face, gift boxed & fantastic health benefits for all. (more on website) $125 $99
  • GEM & BEAD KITS, Terrific value, we have a heap of glass, acrylic & gemstone beads, complete with a beading tray to lay out your creations – you get 100’s of beads +  tray - $15 full kit. RRP $30.00

5% off ALL online purchases on this day 

VENUE: 143 Research Rd, Warrandyte, 3113

Can’t make it here in person:  No problems, email, fax or phone your order through prior to or on the sale day & we will bundle your goodies up on the sale day as soon as we can – Please note on limited # items, we will pack sales in order of invoices received – 1st in best shopped!.


What makes the Renascent sale so special?:  You can do all your shopping peacefully in a lovely location or by mail order without the hassles of parking & crazy shopping in malls. We will offer you complimentary snacks & ‘cuppas’ whilst you browse. You’re welcome to relax & chat about your needs. Want to discuss clinic or classes in 2008 ? – we are here!


Not sure what to buy for friends?:  Some clients bring along a Xmas list and then choose from the specials or get us to muscle test the most appropriate choices for them – too easy! All done very simply (Personally – I always bring my Xmas list to the sale & the on closing I walk around & choose my Xmas gifts from here too, most of my shopping is done this evening – terrific, really simple, no craziness & gorgeous gifts).


Really special or thoughtful gifts:  Don’t know what to get for someone special? No problems, take a look at the Jintong watches, correspondence courses or give a gift voucher for many pampering services or classes. All items offered through the website including products, classes & clinic can be issued via a gift voucher.


Post sale specials:  If we don’t sell out on the day (which by the amount that is here would be near on impossible – then post sales specials may be available. We will email a list out or you can call me after 4pm to see what is left at great prices. Alternatively you can call & pop in later in the week. Remember to check out our ebay auctions too………

Free workshops too - email us for an event list f!!!

  • Natural skin care bases – Make gorgeous gifts for your friends, your own range of indulgent skin care or begin a business– see order forms
  • Incense making kits – Blank sticks, oils, packaging, mister, instructions 
  • soy candle making kits – Clean burning, natural, delightful! 
  • bathing salt making kits – decadent bathing bliss, perfect gifts! 
  • Rolled Soap Kits – Just add water to make gorgeous French milled style soaps, inc’ all you need   ALL SC KITS(Above) $34.90   SALE $25kit
  • glow in the dark planet & stars – Delightful stocking fillers, just stick to the walls or roof & imagine! Entire pack $9.95   $5 kit
  • Bathing salts – Mango delight, rose garden, lavender fields, citrus refresher – 400gm jar $5, bulk packs 1kg $8
  • packaging solutions – for gifts or make your own products – A range of self sealing bags, jars, bottles, misters, pumps & more
  • **NEW – 13 New colours in the shimmer powders – delightful – for soaps, candles, cosmetics $7.95 jar, $39.95 (6)
  • silicone soap moulds – Create wonderfully beautiful soaps $35.95   $10-20each, a range of 2nds for just $5 each!
  • Also – Body & Soul indulgence skin care products – Beautiful skin care – 10% off, 50ml Day crème was $64.95 – Now $32 – WOW!
  • feng shui gold moon frogs–Align to draw in abundance $6.95
  • Solid jade chopsticks – Eat with great style – $49.95   $20pr
  • SUn Mate UV Testers – Protect your skin & your family -  $35 set
  • eye beautifying pen – Eliminate fine lines & wrinkles – $89 & FREE Skin Analyser set (usually $49.50)
  • mosquito clicks– if it stings or itches – just click! $19.95 – great gift!
  • correspondence courses – On tapes – soon to be replaced with DVD’s. Feng shui, Crystal Workshop, Houses of Life – 20% off
  • amethyst clusters –  WOW - $2 each
  • CHAKRA KITS – Delightful stocking fillers, 7 NATURAL GEMSTONES + BOOKLET – ALL GIFT PACKED $24.95   $10 kit
  • HIMALAYAN SALT DEODORANT – All natural $12.95   $7.90
  • HIMALAYAN cooking SALT – Filled with minerals – tastes great. All natural $8.90kg / $7.90 500gm
  • HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS – Energise & Ionise the air, look beautiful. A great gift. All natural 2-3kg $20, 3-4kg $25, Gift boxed baby salt night light $22, Make it yourself salt bowl kit $25
  • Buddhist Music Boxes – Delightful little gifts that play chanting for spiritual blessings $19.95   $14.95
  • FLICKERS – Fascinating tea lights that look like candles, flickering within a clear tube, complete with rechargeable base, simply drop the tea lights onto the base and recharge overnight, beautiful mood lighting. Perfect for home or clinic, these are truly lovely. A perfect gift for anyone. Gift Boxed – set of 4 $28, set of 12 $72.90 (please pre order to ensure availability)
  • Prehnite Pendants – Vivid green, hand carved pendants, lovely $69.95   $25
  • PINHOLE GLASSES – Improve eyesight immediately, strengthens eye muscles, with charts & instructions. Gift boxed $19.95
  • GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION CARDS – complete with names of gems & 12 gems $9.95   $5
  • Gemstone treasure hunt – Lucky Dips, see what treasures you can find – gems and pendants   50c each
  • pendulum charts –  Delve into your subconscious – 2 for $10
  • buddhist chanting music boxes – Bring blessings  $14.95 set
  • Soap Supplies: Gorgeous gifts – everything you need……
  • Melt & Mold soap base – 1kg: Clear $17.95 / Opaque $14.95 / Shimmers $5.95pkt / Soap Petals $4.95 pkt / Dyes $10.90 / Fragrances $6.95 / Essential oils from $9.95 / Rubbing Alcohol Spray $6.95 / Soap tray molds $7.90 / Silicone Soap Art Molds from $5
  • NEW soap transfers– Professional finishes - $5.95pkt or 5 for $8.90 (10-30 images per pkt) Rub on soap for a great effect, or inside (2 pours)
  • cake of soap:–AMAZING!!!! Everyone is delighted with these. A slice of soap that looks just like cake (email us for pic’s). My father looked at these in wonder for a while & then declared he needed to go home as they had made him hungry. A really fun gift for someone special – cheap enough for those ‘teacher’ gifts. Lemon Meringue Pie, Coffee Cream Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Plum Pudding & they smell as good as they look (A case for food smelling better than it tastes!) What fun! $5slice
  • GEMSTONE SOAP ART SOAP rocks: A rough cut chunk of gorgeous looking & smelling soap – in ‘Amethyst’ or ‘Opal’ $5 chunk. Fantastic!
  • goldfish in a bag soap art: Beautiful fish ‘swimming’ in a bag of soap. Kids are thrilled & love washing to get ‘their fish’ out $5.50/2 for $10
  • Pure soap making packs – 2kg soap, 2 oils, 2 colors, 1 mold - $49.95 (Save $26.25) – or 500gm / 2 dyes / 1 oil / 2 fragrances /book $34.90
  • ***NEW** Chocolate oil – Make your soaps truly festive   $6.95 (10ml)
  • Tiger balm–Excellent for pain, headaches $12.95 pot. Now $4.95, also bottle of Chinese Medicine (we use this ALL the time) $4
  • 40 GEM ESSENCE KIT + beautiful brass inlaid wooden essence boxes (holds 40 X 10ml bottles) – FREE booklet $480 Sale - $420
  • Sm’ Leather / silk Lucky purses–Beautiful designs with long cord, perfect for carrying gems with you or as a handbag $9.95 Now $5 / 3 for$10


Mark off the specials you would like & Get In Early – 1st sat in Dec’   10-4pm

Why are so many items being reduced: over 2009 we have introduced many exciting new products. We are having several new lines manufactured & have founded relationships with companies & products, which we really believe are fantastic for practitioners & upliftment. We have a lovely range of new ‘crafty’ items with new stock coming. In preparation for this, a lot of the old stock needs to be cleared out to make room – your bargains AND we are introducing some great new items!! This is a genuine sale and prices are drastically reduced in many cases, with other products we have brought some terrific items in just for you at Xmas to make your gift giving easier & we are delighted to save some gorgeous things we make / stock just for Christmas! So, whether you visit us in person or relax in an armchair & shop by mail order, we are delighted to share with you & aim to make your festive season easier & truly lovely.

Enjoy……………. Merry Christmas & a successful new year ! 

  • Spiritual Gift packs - Over $75 - Now $20 - Packed with goodies, Contains: books, symbols, bath products, incense. Gift packed in a display pack, there’s nothing needed but a little wrapping. A perfect complete gift.
  • SPIRITUAL JEWELLERY – A terrific range starting from just $1 piece10% other items – up to  50 % off.
  • CLEARANCE SPECIALS Up to $50ea Now $5 – Jewellery, Gems, New age items, books, toys & more
  • HIGH QUALITY GEM BEAD NECKLACES Whether you wear them as necklaces or break them apart to use in jewellery making for beads. You will get 100’s per necklace. $29.95/ 3 FOR $30 / 6 for $50
  • Gemstone Earrings in drop, stud, pierced  & Clip ons, Hypo allergenic Rhodium $9.95pr Fun designs. Now  $6.95 or 3pr for $15
  • Sterling Silver Precious Gem Earrings - Opal or Pink Coral  Silver or gold plated studs. Were up to $85pr Now $20.00pr or $15pr for 2 or more pairs (A full range of Rings also available - 80% off)
  • Exquisite jewellery, gems, crystals, books, soaps, specimens, HERKIMER DIAMONDS, soap molds, chi products
  •  nag champa- Fabulous aromas - Incense: $1.60 NC 10ml Oil $9.95 – Gorgeous!
    Everyone loves NC aromas – we burn NC incense all the time & it smells gorgeous.
  • Qi gong dvd’s  - $29.95ea Now $25ea / 3 or more $22 each / all 6 = $120 – Choose from Dragon Gate, Zhineng, Wugi, Seven Star, Guigen, Fragrant Gong – See website for more info’
  • BOOKS - Were up to $70 - Now $10 / $5 / $1ea - up to 80% Off
  • FULL COLOR  AROMATHERAPY essence oil POSTERS $9.80ea -$2.50
  • Divination rods - From $15.95 set, I Ching Coins - From 90cea
  • Pendulum Kits – with gemstone pendulum & Awaken Your energies book $13.95 kit. AYE Book – how to heal with gems & crystals + FREE bag of 100’s of tiny tumbled gems $12.95
  • PURE glycerine & aromatherapy soaps - No artificial substances - just pure beautiful body bars, gentle enough for sensitive skins, does not stress the energetic system, enhanced with pure Qi Gong energies - uplifting, cleansing & indulgent. $8.90 bar or 3 for $25
  • Bliss bags - A real treat, beautiful fabric bath bags, blended with essences, essential oils, herbs and a luxurious soaking mix. Toss in a bath or foot soak & delight, perfect gifts. These smell exquisite. $3ea or $12 for 6
  • *New* quan yin gold pendants–Beautiful blessed energies $12.95
  • *New* prayer sutra Pendants–Radiate good Qi -  $9.95 / $12.95
  • eBay special Xmas auctions (Crystalmoonlight04):  Leading up to the sale we will be offering a few auctions on ebay for special items, but directly after the sale, we will be uploading heaps of remaining items to clear them out – log on – click “search” / “advanced search” & then search for items by seller and type in “crystalmoonlight04” or "Renascent College" store” – you will find all our auctions here, remember to check back up until Xmas for some great items & terrific bargains – starting from just $2 – Happy bidding!
  • Silver dolphin rings–Assorted sizes – stocking stuffers. $3 / 4 for$10
  • (3) Quartz crystal pendant in S. Silver–Were $19.95 Now $5
  • *new* quan yin buddha pendant – Beautiful, carved from genuine Svorovski crystal & delicate silver. $45.00
  • beautiful shaped hematite pendants – Hearts, tear drops, smiling suns – to align energies & cut through illusion in life. $5ea /4 for $10
  • solid goldstone rings – String on a necklace, wear as a  ring or hold for healing, brings back a sparkle $8each / 4 for $10
  • Absolutely gorgeous pieces of tumbled amber $29.95   $5
  • sacred shiva lingham stones - $16.95  $5 - from the sacred Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India's seven holy sites. Villagers gather this unique gem from shallow riverbeds. Hand polished to balance. Worshiped fertility stone. It embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge & feminine energy, wisdom and intuition. It unifies the dualistic (male/female) world into harmonious balance.  A great stone for those who did not receive proper nurturing in childhood.
  • mini solid jade massage rollers – Roll over the face to promote radiant glowing skin, I tried it every day for a week & did notice a difference. Cooling & refreshing, with uplifting & spiritual Jade –Were $39.95 Wow! $10
  • YELLOW jade massage rollers & Pummeller – Larger than above (20cm) with massage pummeller. Great for practitioners $89.95   $15
  • genuine solid jade carvings/ pendants – Assorted styles, hand carved jade pendants for jewellery or healing. (Around 1cm) 4 for $5
  • solid marble stress release spheres – Really attractive balls, roll them in your hand to relieve stress – great for executives $7.95   $5
  • purchase 2 correspondence courses – 15% off cheaper course
  • Gemstone cabochons For jewellery making or healing $9 10 for $10
  • solid jade bangles–Gift boxed $79.95 Now $25
  • XYRON STICKER MAKING – the best piece of equipment a small business will ever own – create your own business cards, fridge magnets & professional full color gloss labels for around 5c – 10c each. This machine has saved me $1000’s & you can just do 1 label if desired or 1000’s. Also a perfect gift for anyone ‘crafty’ especially scrapbookers – gift boxed with booklet & full size cartridge - $159.95 (additional cartridges $39.95) / or a smaller version to make objects adhesive - $15.95. See website for info’. (As we order these in as required, please prebook to collect on day or we can order)
  • Indulge Yourself Body& soul gift packs – Contains (full size) cleanser, moisturiser, eye& neck gel, shower gel $155 Now$95
  • gem & crystal pendants  - Many varieties $5 each or 3 for $10
  • *New* rotating Om pendant– Radiate blessings – beautiful $39.95
  • *New* silver & genuine jade mela buddha pendant Really beautiful, hand carved – bring abundance & radiate blessings $129.95  $35

See you at 10am 1st Saturday in December  - for a break up party, free workshops and some great products

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