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Why use an essence not a crystal?
Gem Essence Certificate Course

The following is an extract from the Renascent Gem Essence workbook (please note the material is copyright, please do not reproduce it without our direct permission - Thank you)


Why Use an Essence instead of a Crystal?

For those of you who are contemplating the differences between using your crystals and gems and using Gem Essences, you may not think there is a great deal of difference in your choice. I would like to share with you some of the options of using both. Personally I sometimes use my essences and sometimes use my crystals depending on which I feel is most appropriate at the time.

The reasons why you may choose to use an essence are varied. One of the main reasons is that they are considerably cheaper than buying the minerals, some of which, for good quality gems, may be in the thousands of dollars.

Another reason I find amusing, according to one of my students, who had become used to wearing huge chunks of jewellery around, insists adamantly that the essences are much less weight to carry around.

The actual gems and crystals have been found to work mainly on the outer vibrational frequency. Where as, due to being imbued, the essences are  able to work directly on the molecular structure of the body and its organs, and by being in an essence form they are able to work directly with the pituitary and Pineal glands to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalise the soul. This makes them far more effective through strength and the speed of their results.

Gem essences also have a strong impact on the physical body partly through imbuing them in this way and partly through the nature of their healing properties.

They also assist the patient to understand the importance of attuning themselves to nature. Particularly for those that live in cities, gem essences can further align this environment with nature. The body's natural healing mechanisms will still work in a city environment, however, due to tension they may be slowed.

We briefly discussed E.M.F. concerns earlier, Gem Essences are free from these electromagnetic radiation concern and human vibrational concerns, where as gems tend to store these energies and must be constantly cleansed of them, this is quite a large problem as you need to cleanse your gems and crystals fairly regularly, even if you are the only person to be using them. If this is not done they will begin to wear down your own energies and make you feel worse than if you were not using them at all. All gems and crystals need to be very regularly cleansed of electromagnetic fields as well as other peoples energies. (Refer to Awaken Your Energies - book, for details on how to perform this if you are using gems and crystals). As the Renascent Gem Essences are made free of the debilitating energies of such fields, once purchased, they do not ever need to be cleansed or cleared.

Gem Essences (in stock/mother essence) last indefinitely (until they are used up) and so the practitioner never needs to worry what state they are in as they remain clean and balanced. They are also in many cases, more convenient. Essences, compared to gems and crystals, are cheaper in many cases, and there is no need to buy many different types, ie - many Sapphires to obtain all the colors as all are present in just one bottle.

Taking the essences is not noticeable, unlike wearing gems and crystals. For many people particularly business men, where there is an expected code of dress, this is an extremely beneficial point. They are also a more acceptable form of healing to many people than gems or crystals as they resemble a more orthodox manner of healing.

Gem Essences work on a inner cellular level and vibrational structure of the body and its organs and work their way out to the outer vibrational frequency, they also work directly with the Pineal and pituitary glands to refresh and revitalise the soul.  This also allows the essences to be more effective through a far greater speed and strength of results. Physical gems and crystals work on the outer vibrational level coming inwards. What this means to us is that although the Gems and the Essences may work on clearing similar emotionally imbalanced states, the Essences will work more directly and more quickly than the gems.

Both essences and gems and crystals work to heal the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to allow a wholistic approach to healing.

Gem and flower essences, which also work beautifully together,  are a wonderful modality for anyone to use, alone or in combination with other forms of healing, even alongside conventional medicine.  One of the most beautiful aspects of working with essences is their simplicity and safety to use, even if you suggest an inappropriate essence  it is not possible to do any harm. The essence will enhance the quality of the positive attributes the patient already has.

Essences gently and beautifully put their user in touch with nature, even in concrete city environments.

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