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Essences for every use...

The following is an extract from the Renascent Gem Essence workbook (please note the material is copyright, please do not reproduce it without our direct permission - Thank you)


Essences For Children

To treat children naturally with your essences, you would use the same quantities of mother essence as for adults, (7 drops in therapy bottle, then a few drops from this) however, if desired you could administer them less frequently, perhaps once or twice per day. An even better way would be to dilute the 7 drops of therapy essence and place in a mister bottle or an oil burner in the child’s environment. Children are often more responsive to gem essence therapies as there is less chance of mental blockages getting in the way of their healing and can respond very well to this type of healing.

 Essences For Massage

For people wishing to practice massage, whether this may be for business or privately, the use of essences in their massage has been found to benefit the patient in many areas, depending on which essences are used.

There is a very simple way to use the essences, firstly take the quantity of natural massage oil you wish to use in a small bowl, then add 7 drops of essence to it. Blend this with your fingertips and proceed with the massage in your usual way. As the essence is water based, you may have to constantly mix it before use. It is extremely beneficial to use gem essences when massaging the feet. While you are activating certain internal organs through Reflexology, gem and flower essences assist in activating and healing concerns with those particular internal organs. With the new gem essence oils the added bonus of essential oils is now available for Aromatherapy usage.


Essences For Animals or Plants

If you desire to treat your plants with energy enhanced water, simply add 7 drops of essence to the watering container and water as usual. If you wish, you may add 7 drops directly into the soil. Try misting the essence over their leaves, do not use the essence oils for this as pure essential oils may damage or kill the plant.

For animals, a similar procedure applies, add 7 drops of essence to their drinking water or food. Dioptase especially benefits both plants and animals. Better still warm a few drops of the chosen essence and pass it over their coat. My little dog especially loves this, when I use the “Animal” essence and after I rub it over her coat, she gets this amazing burst of energy and runs all over the house at breakneck speed, playing and rolling over.

Lotions from Essences

You may make up a bathing lotion to treat a particular part of the body if desired. This may be done by adding 7 drops of mother essence to a basin filled with warm water, then either soak the afflicted part in the water or using a sponge wring the water over to bathe. The essences may be misted over the face, especially Rose Quartz to improve the complexion and may be added to moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners, in fact any form of skin or body care.


Essence Bathing

For an indulgent manner in treating and nurturing yourself, you may add 7 - 49 drops of mother essence to a warm bath, climb in and soak yourself for approximately half an hour. I can not imagine a more delightful way to indulge and pamper yourself than by taking a 'Diamond' bath.

During and after bathing it is worthwhile to scrub the skin with a loofa brush as this stimulates the nervous system, assisting to activate the blood and remove toxicity.  It is not recommended to take a shower after bathing, as by not doing this it allows the essences to settle into the body and increases the cleansing which the essences promote. To restore correct circulation it is beneficial to lie down for about ten minutes or perhaps do some Hatha yoga. Some people may feel a little nauseous or dizzy after bathing, particularly when they first begin working with the essences. This is actually a good sign as it may indicate some of the toxins or unbalanced emotions are being released or cleansed. If there is a serious concern, it is wise to consult a professional practitioner. These baths weaken the toxicity in the body allowing the essence to work more effectively, as well as releasing lodged toxins from the aura, where it may be temporarily residing.

On an energy level, using gem and flower essences releases negativity and toxicity from the physical body firstly, then from the more subtle bodies, bathing speeds up this entire process and pushes the toxins out of the body.

A Malachite and Quartz bath is particularly favourable to remove plutonium from the body, making it a wonderful choice for those that live near nuclear power plants. A half a cup of sea salt in this bath also assists this process, however, make sure it is natural sea salt you are using. It is pleasant to take these baths around twice a week while using the essence.


Atomisers & Household Use

Gem essences may even be used when washing clothing, add 7-21 drops to water you are washing clothes in or to any water based items. You may even use your essences in the vacuum cleaner, to treat carpets. I personally use a small gardening atomiser, fill it with distilled water and add approximately 21 drops of (stock) essence, then I use it to spray draperies, giving the entire room a lovely feel and also clothing when it is being ironed. When it is hot it can be used to spray it all over the body and even on the dog and cat, which they seem to love. Rose Quartz essence is the one I generally use as it brings about a peaceful, calm and nurturing environment.  When used in this manner Rose Quartz essence makes a lovely toner and freshener for the complexion and it may be lightly misted over the face all day, when hot or flustered. Not only does it cool and freshen the face it also soothes and calms the emotions.

Children especially like being gently misted with Rose Quartz essence.

Now what about for those who are assisting others ........


The practitioners attitude has very little effect on the essences themselves, however you may effect your client to a considerable degree. Therefore, in order to be a practitioner it is necessary to constantly balance yourself. You should work on developing a love for clients and cleanse yourself from improper motives at all times. If using flower essences in a clinic fire agate or agate essence may be used to amplify them.


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