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Can I blend essences together?
Gem Essence Certificate Course

The following is an extract from the Renascent Gem Essence workbook (please note the material is copyright, please do not reproduce it without our direct permission - Thank you)


Blended Essences

In some situations you may wish to use more than one essence at a time, in which case you would simply blend the desired essence(s) in the one bottle. I have found that this works particularly effectively. The only area of caution I have found is to blend more than one essence that works predominantly on the same chakra or energy centre. In some cases I have found by doing this the essences may have the effect of neutralising each other and lessening their healing value. Therefore you are safely able to blend up to seven essences (one for each energy centre/chakra) in each bottle to still achieve effective results. Working with the essences I discovered that particular combinations constantly came up for certain situations and eventually we pre blended these essences to use for these areas. An important area firstly was for times of crisis, we called this Emergency Essence. It was a blend of Diamond, Carnelian, Amethyst and Quartz crystal essences. It would be used in any situation where shock and/or trauma had occurred. It is intended to be used in emergencies, rather than for long term healing. It may also be used for accidents where a bump or shock occurs to the skin, provided there is no open wound. I have also found it excellent to bring about support, comfort and healing in times of crisis.

This makes it especially beneficial for children if they jam a finger or fall. Or even for assistants at an accident to keep them calm until control has been regained.

Pain from bites and stings has been found to be greatly reduced when Emergency Essence is applied directly from the bottle to the affected area.

The possibilities are endless, for any type of upset or stress on any level.

It would be applied by gently pressing or rubbing onto the skin, or it may be taken directly under the tongue, sipped in a glass of water, or applied to the temples and wrists.

Shortly after this I found another large area of concern. Being exam time at high school all of my younger friends were very distressed at the capabilities of their memory.

Once again I discovered a particular combination of essences being presented, made up of Diamond, Gold and Lapis Lazuli essences. This we called Clarity Essence, which I found assisted in bringing about clear thoughts when making choices and decisions. It also amplifies energy, making it especially useful when studying or taking tests, at the same time bringing a feeling of serenity, enhancing wisdom, inner vision and mental clarity. This combination greatly assists when feeling over burdened with responsibility.

In these times of constant self realisation and change, it is easy to become overwhelmed with responsibility and choices, hence a combination of Aquamarine, Carnelian, Diamond and Rose Quartz began to regularly come up. Soothing and gentle, we called this combination Nurture essence. I have found it excellent to assist with fears, phobias, aches, pains and general feelings of vulnerabilities. It reduces stress, tension, resentment, guilt and jealousy replacing them with a sense of joy, personal fulfilment and peace. Excellent for young children and those suffering from low self esteem, bringing confidence and courage.

I find I use this combination myself whenever I feel like I need a hug.

My friends were to begin asking me if I thought there would be a gem or an essence that may assist simply when feeling a little lack lustre, not that anything was particularly wrong, just that they felt they could do with a little burst of vitality. We were to discover a combination that everyone adores. Aquamarine, Gold, Citrine and Fluorite, to attract positive energy and abundance in all forms into the aura. We call this combination Abundance essence, it amplifies thought forms and assists in bringing about personal illumination. Excellent for bringing inspiration, abundance and popularity as well as assisting with clear communication.

It may be needed when there is frustration in life or when you are feeling over burdened with responsibility. Excellent for counsellors, teachers and lecturers or anyone wishing a little burst of light.


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