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What is Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui?
Feng Shui Level 1 - The Beginning Course

There has been a large debate in the Feng Shui community regarding southern and northern hemispheres. Some people argue that as South is to do with fire (and in China the warm weather comes from the south), then when we bring the same system to the southern hemisphere (where our heat typically comes from the north) it cannot be applied directly and needs to be reversed. Some practitioners even go as far as inverting every single formula in Feng Shui principles. In my experience and those shared with my teachers, students, practitioners and Feng Shui masters, this is not only unnecessary yet in many cases vastly inaccurate. If we were to invert everything that would also include our personal (sun) star signs. Find your exact opposite (6 months apart) sun sign and read the personality description to see how well it suits your personality. For example if you were a Pisces (qualities - emotional, intuitive, often fantasy world existence) and you were to invert the template this would make you a Virgo (qualities - analytical, precise, cautious, down to earth existence). No doubt for most people these qualities could be no further removed from the way they actually are.

In a situation where we were working exclusively with temperatures and associated information then this would possibly be accurate to invert. However, in any of the other systems, including that of direction, planetary influence and magnetism, they remain the same no matter where you are on earth. Whether you are in China or Australia makes no difference on where you will find Jupiter resting in its heavenly realm. Heaven remains above the sky no matter which side of the world you are on and a compass that points to north in Australia will still point to North in China.

Reprinted with permission from an extract of "Houses of Life - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine"
by Daryll & Lesley Mitchell ©1995

Daryll has discussed this topic with Australian teachers that strongly promote Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui. In our understanding as it is predominantly based on weather ie - in Australia our cold comes from the South and our warmth from the North, in China this is reversed. Therefore if Feng Shui was based entirely on weather than this may be a logical conclusion. However, Feng Shui is NOT based predominantly on weather, it is largely based on the Luopan (Chinese Compass) and the planetary influences - none of which change vastly anywhere in the world. Daryll has put forth the question: "If we are to invert everything entirely based on weather then what happens when I live in the South of Victoria, yet buffered by the Dandenong Mountains where my cold actually comes from the North West", "am I to invert all my work by 42 degrees and what happens in Singapore where they are directly on the equator and the heat comes from every direction, does that mean Feng Shui cannot possibly work at all in Singapore ?". "Surely not, for Singapore holds one of the most vastly thriving Feng Shui communities in the world where it is practiced regularly and seems to work especially well". The Australian teachers were unable to comment any further on these topics.

Our course of teaching with the college is sounds CLASSICAL feng shui. It has worked for centuries, much of the strong teachings handed down from master to student. Much of this material is now available to the general public in book or class form from a wide variety of sources. Here at the college we aim to teach this material, along with ancient Ch'i (energy) development techniques. Some of which have only been taught exclusively to Mr Mitchell from Sages and Masters around the world, along with personal experiences and developments.

If you would like to follow these points more and gain further clarity you are more than welcome to discuss it with Daryll Mitchell or we can happily pass on the emails of several people who are very well versed in this topic. If you are going to discuss southern hemisphere with any one else I would strongly reccommend this so you have complete information.

My personal understanding is that the "Southern hemisphere" Feng Shui had no great foundation and is vastly inaccurate. This belief is widely supported in the Feng Shui society worldwide. Generally speaking there are only a handful of teachers (mainly in Australia) that follow these teachings. I personally would give it no time what so ever. However, this sounds like a loaded statement so gain more facts from Daryll or associates of ours who are strongly involved in this field. Please feel free to contact us for these details.

Before you begin on any lengthy study, speak to as many people as you can, discuss the differences with Daryll if you like and most of all - ENJOY YOUR DISCOVERIES. We hope this information has been enlightening and thought provoking to you.

With blessings and good luck on your personal quest.

"Feng Shui - the beginning" is a classical Feng Shui course and is now available as a certified CORRESPONDENCE course and is accredited towards the professional diploma


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