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Using a healing Wand

Utilising a wand for an AURIC ALIGNMENT

As well as our chakras, which may become out of balance for many reasons, some as simple as the foods we eat, water we drink and thoughts we think, there is another subtle body, which can become less than optimum. This subtle body is the aura which can become obstructed through damage, which has taken place in the Chakric, system and the physical body, through impure thoughts and emotions and even through lack of life sustaining foods. Sometimes a large damage may occur, this is often the case when people use drugs (prescription or otherwise). Not only do they lower the vibrational frequency of the soul, they dullen the awareness and the sensitivities. Initially the sensitivities of the body may actually feel heightened, yet this is an artificial awareness created by the drug, not an energy level reality of a higher vibrational frequency. As has been discovered through energy work this use of drugs can actually create damage in the aura similar to fabric wearing thin and then can progress to actual tears and holes in the aura. In a less dramatic manner, at other times it may be something as subtle as the flow of energy not operating as freely as it could.

In order to perform an auric alignment, have your patient lie down on their back. Hold your crystal wand between your thumb and first three fingers about an inch above the body. Have your crystal pointed in such a way that the other end is pointing into your palm.

Beginning at the head and working down to the feet. Hold you crystal over an area of the body until you begin to feel some sensation, generally this is a heat or a tingling sensation. Once you are aware of this, begin to move the crystal slowly over the body. Be aware of any changes in the feel of either the crystal or the body. The change may be heat, resistance or a feeling that something is there, quite often I experience this as though I have been gliding over the body and then suddenly come to a patch of ‘stickiness'.

When you come to a change in this feel, stop and begin making a circular counter clockwise motion around the disturbance. Keep making this motion until you feel a pull, or as if the crystal appears to be getting heavier. Stop and touch the crystal to the body.

Continue doing this over the entire body. When you reach the feet the balancing process is completed and it is necessary to ‘feather' the aura. Go back to the top of the head and move the crystal wand in a sweeping movement, like smoothing feathers, from head to feet.

This aligns the auric pattern into a smooth even movement. Another way you may like to have a go at doing this is to ‘fluff' the aura; this is a rather hysterical looking procedure, yet it produces a really light uplifting sensation throughout the body. Beginning again at the head and moving down, hold your hands about six inches above the body and imagine the air there is like a feather pillow and you are going to fluff it up. Moving your hands in sweeping inwards and upwards movements, fluff up the entire aura. Whichever procedure you use, turn the patient over and repeat the auric alignment and feathering on the back side of the body. The chakras are now also very open; close them with the zipper procedure.

When you finish either of these procedures, your patient will feel very relaxed and the whole body will be in balance. In a short time your patient will feel rested and stronger.

Many of my class participants are amazed when we get to this part of the workshop. For many of them who have never even heard of their chakras, let alone had them balanced, the sensation of something (energy) spinning around within them is quite unbelievable. Then as we come to smooth and fluff the auras their eyes light up as they actually experience the difference and most decidedly prefer one method to the other.

Equally as important as giving a treatment is to receive one, ask a friend to have a practice on you. Get them to do both the ‘Smoothing' and the ‘fluffing' of the aura and feel the difference for yourself, then decide which one you prefer and get them to finish you off using this method. The best method of learning is always through experience.

The above information is reprinted with permission from Lesley Mitchell and is an extract from the "Awaken Your Energies" Book - available through Renascent. Please note the above information is all © copyright - please do not use it without direct permission other than for your own personal information - Thank You!

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