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Can I make my own gem essences?


*Reprinted with permission from the Gem Essence Workbook. 

Can I use ANY Gem Essences, Including those I Make Myself?

I really don't recommend any Gem Essences other than the Renascent variety. I know that sounds like a sales pitch as I am directly involved with Renascent. However, even if I weren't this would still be my response. There are many products that Renascent supply that we will happily share how to make yourself if you desire to do so, whilst still supplying them for those who wish to purchase their products. Essences are in many cases undermined as people CAN make them very easily. However, the essences that have been made in a very simple manner in my experience have limited or no healing benefits.

Usually this is as a result or lack of information or dedication to the quality of the essences. The following is an extract from the Gem Essence Workbook

Gem essences are prepared in many ways similar to flower essences, however with more knowledge now available on other factors such as electromagnetic radiation and pollution we are able to offer more in depth manners of preparation which in turn makes the essences even more beneficial.

Many people prepare their gem essence by taking a glass bowl outside, filling it with distilled water, placing their gem in it and leaving it there in the sun for two hours.

This method will work to a very limited degree, yet there are some major concerns here that this is not taking into consideration. In pursuit for particularly effective and potentised essences, I believe these factors are crucial.

Firstly there is the electromagnetic fields which run through the earth which may be energy polluted and in turn may pass through into the water and may contaminate the essence, in the sense of producing a debilitating stress response to the subtle bodies. The very area vibrational medicine seeks to heal. Then there is the factor of aeroplanes or jets passing overhead, which emit not only electromagnetic pollution, but also electromagnetic radiation from their radar equipment. Any of these fields when tested in muscle testing, the body cannot hold a lock to, i.e. - the body cannot maintain its strength. Should these fields be present when the essence is being made then it will be locked into the water and retain a subatomic message of these fields. When used for healing, any such essence cannot have a potentised healing effect on the body.

There are also bacteria concerns to look at through leaving an uncovered bowl of water in the sun outside for some time. These factors may seem particularly subtle, however I am sure I have no need to remind you that it is this area of subtlety we are working in.

This chapter is not to teach you how to create your own Gem Essences, for without the correct equipment, Geological Knowledge and background you would probably, at the very least, make a weak and inefficient essence and at the worst could make a deadly solution.

In so many areas of my life I am tempted to step in and make something myself to cut costs and have the thrill of discovery, however much life experience has taught me that unless my life is dedicated to focus solely on that area then I am always better off to leave it to those people who are. I also see it as supporting the energies of those people who have spent years of their lives researching and creating a potentised wonderful product for me to use.

I am constantly coming across situations where people have decided to create a product purely to make money as opposed to carrying a passion for it in their heart. This is not to say there is anything wrong with people making money, however if that money is created from a product or a service that they love and hold a dear passion for, then that is what I feel it is all about. I purchase a beautiful range of skin care I love to use, it is rather costly and at one point in my life I could not justify the expense and decided to make my own. After much purchasing of equipment and ingredients I set about and created some moisturisers, however after using them for a couple of months I began to notice that my skin did not seem to have the special glow it used to. It felt a little "tired" and pale, realising I could not afford to spend the necessary time researching skin care at this point in my life (and I believe that in any area of speciality a minimum of 5-20 years study is necessary, possibly even a lifetime) I decided that I would go back to purchasing the skin care from the company again. My skin regained its glow and healthy appearance almost overnight and I said a silent thank you to the people who had invested so much of their lives and passions in creating this range for me to use. I believe the area of skin care is simply an example of any area of expertise for a product we wish to use and this understanding can be carried through in almost any product or area of our lives. If we want a job done well, then we call in the professionals.

I received a phone call from a lady some time ago, requesting that I make her an essence from a particular item (in this case it was a Pearl).

I explained that we do not make Pearl essence and asked why it was so important that she had this particular essence. It seems that she had been to a practitioner who had told her that this was what she needed to get made. I explained that we only create 40 essences (although 1 extra - Chrysoprase, has recently been added for the Blessing Oil) as these are all we find necessary for all concerns. They are what we call the "umbrella essences" meaning that all other gems and crystals healing properties will be covered by one or more of these 40 and are therefore not necessary in essence form.

Delving a little deeper, I asked for the circumstances and the emotional states that led to her needing the Pearl essence, all of the states she described would be assisted by the use of a blend of Sugilite and Moonstone essence. I suggested they could be diluted together and mailed to her if she did not have the two stock essences. However, not satisfied with this purely because a practitioner had told her that is what she needed, she continued on with her desire to obtain Pearl essence. When I again informed her it was not a standard essence we supplied, she became very agitated and started raising her voice and asking what was wrong with this company and why wouldn't we simply make it for her.

Explaining again that we felt it was already covered and therefore unnecessary, she asked if she brought us a Pearl would we consider making a batch of that essence for her. Of course, this is possible, however on realising that with equipment costs, purification and the myriad of aspects that go into creating an essence the minimum quantity available would be 4 litres at a cost of approximately $15000 (not charging for equipment already on site) she quietened down considerably. I explained that with any process that is intensive, these sort of set up costs are incurred. If I was to take her Pearl and place it in a bowl of water, in my back yard, for a few hours or even days, I could probably make her essence for about $10 - $20. Yet as the only essences I will use are dedicated to excellence, this is not something I could possibly consider to do.

An awakening dawned over her and she realised what it was I was saying to her. If this was the way she wanted to obtain Pearl essence, she could do it herself, yet if she wanted a potentised healing, chances are it would not occur through this so called essence once it was completed.

Some time back I heard of a lady who will make Gem Essences in this manner for anyone who brings her their gems. I called this lady and told her I had a piece of Cinnabar and wondered if she would make an essence of it if I brought it to her. She eagerly decided she would and it would cost me under $20 for it. Inquiring how the essence would be made, she explained she would place the stone in a bowl of water outside for some hours or days, then remove the stone and bottle the remaining water with brandy for me. I asked her if I could drink it if I chose to and she explained that they do prefer external application, however it would be perfectly safe if anyone drank this liquid. At this point I expressed that her limited Geological knowledge was quite frightening and made the suggestion that it would be a good idea for her to go and dedicate 5 - 10 years of her life studying geology or a mineralogical course to gain some awareness. Taken aback and puzzled she asked why I would suggest such a thing. I explained that she was obviously unaware that Cinnabar had a water-soluble Arsenic concentration and any such stone placed in water for a period of days would naturally leech this arsenic into the water and the water would become a toxic liquid. Taken internally, depending on its concentration, at the very least would make the patient quite ill, at the worst, kill them.

I was met with silence for quite some time as this was mulled over, followed by anger and resentment at being tricked. I explained that my object was not to "trick" anyone, yet as a health practitioner it is important that providing such a service as selling essences to therapists needs a dedicated heart and possibly some further studies. She thanked me for my input and went on her way, I have noticed that the essences from this company now have printed on them "for external use only" although I do not believe the method of creating the stock essences has been amended.

At a show I attended, a gem essence manufacturer delighted in showing me their new acquisition, a large piece of Smoky Quartz, they had used to make their last batch of Smoky Quartz essence. Unfortunately, the piece in their hands was in fact clear quartz, heat-treated to change the appearance into that of Smoky Quartz. Again with a geological lack of knowledge this was not detected. At the same show I came across some vibrantly colored bottles, labelled as Gem Essences. As I picked them up I noticed they rattled. On closer inspection, I found that they were simply small bottles of water with a tiny gem placed in each one - someone's idea of cashing in I guess and a method of sales I find sadly lacking in integrity.

With Gem Essences, you are looking at a product that holds the ability to release deep-seated emotions, rebalance the psyche and heal the body. In anybody's understanding, this makes it an important area. We are not talking about a pleasant smelling room freshener from the supermarket; we are talking about a product to realign your very being. For me personally (and I believe anyone else also) only the purest, most potentised and effective essence should be considered. The Renascent Gem Essences guarantee this promise.

*Reprinted with permission from the Gem Essence Workbook.

The gem essence course is available on correspondence (certified).

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