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Youthful Skin Tips


Who wants to age gracefully? With maturity, grace & spiritual awareness, yes, sure, but with your skin - in a sense that is giving in, no way, fight it all the way. My mother commenced me on a full skin care regime at 8 years old & I never had any skin problems. You are never too young or too old to combat the signs of aging. Not only looking after your skin, but treating the body as a whole, to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your years, you feel better, look better & increase your chances of overall balance & wellbeing, especially when it comes to your skin. All of us will have aging skin at some point in our lives, but with proper care, anyone can have a vibrant complexion and look beautiful at any age.

What You Can Do  to Reduce Wrinkles:

Healthy Eating - Your daily diet has a major impact on how well your skin glows & regenerates. Low nutrientional foods, including refined carbohydrates are known as empty calories. Not only do they NOT provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs to develop, they will NOT assist to create & maintain a healthy youthfulness. The best foods are as close as possible to their natural state, including raw & organic foods.

Vitamins And Minerals To Help An Aging Skin - many of these are found in the Renascent luxury skin care products
Beta Carotene -
antioxidant, increases cellular regeneration, and prevents pre-mature aging of the skin. In foods: carrots, apricots, & squash
Vitamin C - antioxidant, needed for production of elastin and collagen; promotes skin strength and elasticity in blood vessel walls and cell membranes. In foods: oranges, kiwi, & peppers
Vitamin E - antioxidant, helps maintain all tissues, believed to slow the aging of cells; may help prevent scar formation. In foods: cold-pressed vegetable oils, raw nuts & seeds
Selenium - antioxidant, protects against UV induced cell damage; helps preserve skin elasticity. In foods: tuna, garlic, onions & broccoli
Zinc - antioxidant, essential for normal cell growth and repair. In foods: whole grains, most seafood, & onions. We also recommend Metagenics Zinc Drink (available through Renascent directly) for Zinc deficiency. You see, zinc needs zinc to pull it into the system, once the system be3comes depleted it is very difficult to absorb zinc from foods or supplements, the Zinc Drink has been created to allow the zinc to absorb colloidally into the body in a concentrated form. There is also the Zinc Tally in which a simple taste test will determine whether you are deficient or not. This can be performed at no charge at the Renascent centre. Or you may purchase the zinc tally to test yourself and family members.

Essential Fatty Acids - to maintain proper function of all tissues and tissue repair, especially the skin. In foods: primrose oil, flaxseed oil, & olive oil

One of the main food concerns is also the quantity we eat, consume your food choices in moderation, your body is only able to process so many nutrients at once. When eating, include foods that provide high nutritional value, and limit those that don't. A good diet will have you looking and feeling great.

Water - the elixir of life
The human body is made up of 50% to 70% water. Your body loses water each day through perspiration, urine, and respiration. Waiting until your thirsty is not the best way to tell your hydration levels. Thirst is a response to intense dehydration. It is recommended that on average people should drink around 1 litre of clean, pure water each day, preferably polarised. Water assists almost every bodily process, including flushing out toxins and waste. For our skin, water acts as an internal moisturizer, assisting the skin to remain moist, supple, and clear as well as preventing pre-mature aging. We pay great attention to the water we drink, however - we absorb a reasonably large amount of water just by showing, ensure your shower also has a polariser fitted for optimum health.

Reduce Alcohol Intake
Alcohol weakens the immune system, and creates many concerns in the body. It depletes vitamins and minerals required to function effectively. For our skin, alcohol creates dehydration, depleting our complexion of precious moisture required to keep it soft, smooth and youthful. In excess, alcohol overtaxes the liver, which prevents impurities from reaching and damaging other organs in the human body. Alcohol consumption can create broken or distended capillaries, especially around the nose and cheeks. For a youthful, healthy skin, alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation.

Quit Smoking
As well as risking cancer, illness and possibly even death, smoking creates a fine lines, wrinkles and facial dehydration. Amongst other ingredients, cigarettes contain acetone, ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde, and nicotine, which are deadly chemical compound. Smokers often have a grey tinge to their complexion, due to lack of oxygen supply, this leads to dehydration & the risk of pre-mature wrinkles. Smoking may also slow any healing and regeneration processes of the body. Cigarette smoke ages skin - mostly by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, important components of the skin.  Smokers skin can be up to 40% thinner than the non-smoker.

Consume fruits and vegetables They contain antioxidant compounds. These compounds fight damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage cells), which assists the skin to look smoother and more youthful whilst protecting against some effects of aging.
Too much sun....
Sun damage is the No. 1 cause of wrinkles, dehydration, fine lines and even skin
cancer with endless studies documenting the damage. One study dealing with identical twins, has found sun exposure held a more important factor than even heredity. Siblings who limited their sun exposure had less wrinkles and looked younger generally than their sun-worshiping twins.

Through studies, we have discovered that a certain amount of sunlight is required to manufacture Vitamin D for our bodies, which is important, however, the amount of sun time required is minimal. After this, it can be harmful to our skin.Experts go so far as to say, if it were not for sun damage, our skin would stay relatively smooth into our eighties. Renascent now stock UV TESTERS to determine how much is in the environment you are with the push of a button.

Sun Tips: Avoid sun time between 10AM and 3PM, when the UV is typically the highest. Be aware of reflected light from sand, water, cement, and snow, even when not hot.

Eat soy research is now showing various properties found in soy may assist to protect or heal some of the sun's aging damage. Some studies show consumption of soy has improved skin's structure and firmness after just six months of use.
Sleep  Without enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. With adequate sleep you produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps skin remain thick, more "elastic," and less likely to wrinkle.
Sleep on your back Some studies have found that sleeping in certain positions night after night creates "sleep lines" - wrinkles that may become etched into the top layer of the skin and may not leave once you awake. Side sleeping may incease wrinkles around the cheeks and chin, whilst sleeping face-down may provide a furrowed brow. Sleeping on your back may reduce wrinkle formation.
Don't squint  use pinhole glasses to improve eyesight strength and assist near vision (available through Renascent) - perhaps also get reading glasses!  Repetitive facial movement - such as squinting - overworks facial muscles and can create a groove under the skin's surface. This groove may eventually form into a wrinkle.

Omega 3 An essential building block of the body, creating great skin, essential fatty acids help nourish skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles.
Ditch the coffee for cocoa. In 2006, researchers discovered cocoa contains high levels of two dietary flavanols (epicatchin and catechin) which has been found to protect skin from sun damage, improve circulation to skin cells, increase hydration, and assist the skin look and feel smoother.
Use moisturiser. Renascent have a lovely range of luxurious skin care products, including an hydration serum to go under your moisturiser. Our clients swear by the difference they have seen. Skin that is moist & oil balanced looks better, making fine lines and wrinkles far less noticeable.
Don't soap your face. Polarised water hydrates the skin, however straight tap water strips skin of its natural barrier oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles. Soap strips these oils from your skin also. If you use soap on your face, (often giving a ‘squeaky clean' feeling) you wash away these essential oils and leave your skin unprotected. Use Renascent luxurious crème cleanser for your face and our delightful (Qi Gong Enhanced) body bars instead of soap.

 DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to replace orthodox or alternative medicine when required. If ill, seek professional advice. The information comes from reported case studies and insights. No healing claims are made or implied regarding the use of these products. We do not accept any responsibility for the results of tampering with or attempting to modify these products in any way. All products are checked prior to leaving and if any concerns arise please contact your point of purchase for information. These products are not verified by scientific means. We recommend you to exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article and seek medical advice before commencing any form of ‘self treatment' This information is provided as general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor.

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