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Medical Qigong Testimonials
QI GONG FOR EVERYONE Wednesdays 7-8pm

The environment is lovely and the teaching method is great. I’ve been finding my sight improving as I thought I had myopia but am realising it may be my liver meridian needs some work to restore it

So thank you

Carly M

Funny, insightful, brilliant teacher, loved everything including the sharing of Lesley & Daryll’s personal experiences

I loved this course – I want more, more, more – thank you!

After Saturday, Qi Gong Awakening, I noticed my taste buds had changed, my desire for junk food nearly gone, Sunday & Monday – huge detox, Tuesday – felt enlivened, sleeping better, feel more alive, excited. When we did group sending of Chi. I felt myself expand, it was as if I had blended with the universal Chi

Donna O


I will use this with my son, family, cooking, cleaning and everything, everyday will have more positive energy around me & mine.

I felt the energy from the healings lifting burdens & grief from recent family sadness.

I feel lighter & brighter

Dianne LV

Interesting, after feng shui I went home very excited, lots of stuff to share and talk about. Qi Gong has been a more internal experience.

I came to this series with my main focus on the Qi Gong. As some aspects of the training have been inspired by Qi Gong. I am not disappointed & have been able to make some connections that I assumed I would make.

I have endeavoured to have an open mind and not try to fir it into my preconceptions. Maybe it will take a while to integrate. Writing this has probably been more therapeutic for me than informative for you

It was great – the afternoon was fantastic

Love Chris K

Enlightening, I don’t feel like I’m lacking anymore (there was always something previously missing).

Excellent, easy to understand. I feel more enlightened, inspired & confident

Kerry C

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I was fascinated by your “I” story in the welcome pack and of your many travels. I enjoyed being in the great Chi circle

The most relevant things learnt: relax, keep it simple, no force

PS – It is much easier to learn & understand when taught in English, not Mandarin


Alison C

Master Daryll Mitchell – very wise, funny, an old soul, young at heart. I will be harvesting Daryll’s teachings & Qi immediately.

I have in deed felt a reconnecting with the micro cosmic chi

I have been told before and reminded by my charts and clairvoyants that I have psychic and healing abilities – and this course has re affirmed these transformative powers

Kryzchn T

Excellent, Daryll is easy and explains things beautifully, friendly. Everything feels so right. The tools to heal myself and later others, I want to learn more.

I enjoyed the feeling of tingles in my hands and warm feeling of being cocooned

Cherie C

I found the workshop very informative and very entertaining. The workshop seemed very well orchestrated with adequate breaks and good time to practice.

What a lovely room – great location, especially the public transport and lunches.

Thanks for a great few days of Qi

Claire L

Excellent, informative, brilliant, pleasant. I will use what I have learnt to improve my “lifestyle” and make it part of my day. It has given me a thirst to learn more – stimulated my interest! Have learnt so much over these 2 days

Karen C

A lot of what we are learning I have come across in Qi Gong classes (at Renascent) but this course of cementing my understanding and filling in a few blanks

Melissa L

Daryll’s serious yet lighthearted approach. Liked: techniques to stimulate kidney Qi and activate Qi, overall – really enjoyed the learning experience, I believe I felt lighter and more energetic. Also been smelling a scent of burning wood.

Keith S

Daryll – I enjoyed learning Qi Gong from you. Thank you for your generosity in starting me on this journey

I learnt to need to be persistent

Thank you

Irene E

I previously did not know much of this topic. I found the level of teaching to be of very high professional standards, yet this was done in a fun, relaxed & welcoming manner. My first day allowed me to feel comfortable & very welcomed. I gained so much from this course and although I will take time to master all the back up I may need to do. This is offered and readily available. Lesley has made me feel at ease in being accepted and welcomed. I was not sure I would manage sitting for so long with pain I have, but believed after this first day I am now in control and I don’t accept my pain any more.

I have to state that all the Renascent girls are warm, caring and very welcoming too.

Vicky D.C.

Daryll is a first class presenter, much respected, excellent venue. I feel priviledged to have taken part in this. For the last month or so I have had a blocked ear, since doing the ear healing – this has gone

Bernie E

The teachings were detailed & very entertaining. Daryll’s humour was most refreshing. His connection to Gods energy was very evident and strong. Thank you for this opportunity. I am most grateful as this will help me to continue my studies of Qi Gong.

Thank you for your time & energy

Love & light

Rita C

Very entertaining, kept interested, loved all the energy & experiences I received over my courses – looking forward to lookingat my learnings and practicing watching the changes. Daryll did well to maintain his patience with draining students who wanted personal consultations throughout the sessions



"I have been part of the weekly Qigong classes for Women for a number of years now.  I have noticed that my energy levels have increased  and the classes leave me feeling more balanced and in tune with my body. Daryll is a wonderful  Qi Master - the classes are interesting, easy to follow and we always have a good laugh."   

Audrey L

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