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Reiki Testimonials
REIKI /QI GONG MASTERS UPDATE Nov 30th Oct 2012 7-9pm

hi Lesley

I have been meaning to email you regarding the events that were held at QV and this email has prompted me to do it ...I think both of you are amazing with the amount of effort and love you put into these events...your passion for teaching and helping others shows .


As for me, one of the biggest issues that has affected me for a long time is holding onto people that I loved dearly and lost ..2 men... my grandfather( I was 12) and my father (in my late 20's)... who accepted me and loved me as I was......I have always believed it was only memories but since have realised I was clinging to the past which was affecting my life right now creating health issues.


I have been stuck for a long time, but after doing the reiki especially, it has reopened my spiritual side which I had shut down a long time ago. During the reiki prac sessions the main thing that kept coming up for me was " I have let go of the past" and the need to forgive certain people and myself. On the last day of the reiki classes as I was having my dinner that night 1 of my teeth started to wobble... mind you its a baby tooth I never lost... had to get to dentist to have it fully removed as it was about to fall out..... talk about letting go in a physical way. I also found a walking stick that belonged to my dad and I had used occassionally broken by the side of my couch... more of the letting go


Since the classes ended I have made major moves forward and have started actively looking for part time work to stop wallowing in debt. I plan to build my business with reiki etc through the year too...I have also decided the time has come for me to move house this year..its the ex matrimonial home and I have been saying to move for ages but its always been just talk till now.... its going to be such an exciting year and I find myself finally ready since doing the classes


So THANK YOU to you and Daryll. I can hardly wait for the other classes later this year, See I can type long emails too...hahaha , Bless you both, keep safe


Thank you for the training in Reiki
Every night, before to go to bed, i do my Reiki.
I see the difference more than before. I feel much better. My body doesn’t hurt me everytime. I feel better! Thank you
Laetitia-ophelie (Lo) H

Lesley and Daryl,


Thank you for the wonderful sharing of yourselves and your knowledge during my classes at QV.  I am going through a fairly challenging time in my personal life, (no surprise with all the headaches up until early part of beginning classes), and notice I am much calmer and there is more clarity (I am still working on both, by practising my Reiki each day on myself and family).

Wishing you well on your trips to China, and elsewhere, and enjoy your well earned holiday in Morocco, when it comes to be.

See you later in the year.

It is lovely to meet such wonderful caring, fun people

Blessings to you all

Bernie A

Hi Lesley and Darryl

Thank you very much for the courses in February. I really enjoyed them and got a lot out of them. On Tuesday afterwards, I was able to put the Houses of Life straight into effect with a ceremony that I had booked in before I left. I hadn’t realised that the course would help with this ceremony until I did it. I found it gave me a lot more structure with going through the house and clearing the energies before the blessing. So that was really exciting!

I really wanted to do the Reiki Masters as I have done some Reiki before and did not get the same amount of depth and clarity that you imparted with your teaching, Darryl, so wanted to do it with you. Warm regards

Marlee B




I have studied for the past ten years mainly with international teachers. Rosie came to me one day and asked what I thought about your classes,I didn’t know anything but said I would come along for the holiday and as a bit of a refresher/ information gathering but……….. .I was delighted to find new knowledge from well educated lectures with comprehensive subject knowledge in both scientific and esoteric information. I feel blessed to have been a student and would not hesitate to recommend the courses. You are both inspirational universal light workers! What more can I say? I wish love and light to you both. Louise P



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