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Clinic Success
Health Cultivation / Healing Circle Term 4 2011


I first heard of the Renascent Centre when I was approached by a stranger as I was walking my dog along a walking track in Warrandyte. Normally I wouldn’t talk to a stranger, but this man persisted in talking to me, and then told me he was a healer.  He quickly got my attention. After a brief chat, he told me he instinctively knew he was meant to talk to me, and said he knew of a ‘naturopath’ who could help me – and then described the Renascent Centre. I drove past the Renascent centre on the way home, and promised myself I would return.  I finally returned 14 months later.

I first saw Daryll Mitchell in June 2006, with various health issues including variable fatigue and a lack of stamina, an immunoglobulin (IgG) deficiency (low immune system), persistent sore throat, systemic candida, endometriosis and accompanying symptoms, and multiple food intolerances.  I had a 6 month old baby through IVF and although I was very happy and coping, my various health issues made it more challenging. I visited the Renascent Centre in a weekly ‘drop in’ time, and briefly told Daryll my health history.  He then asked me to lie down on the table and quickly assessed that I was ‘very tired’. He gave me a brief healing, and suggested I make an appointment to return a week or two later. I felt fine afterwards, however 5 days later I came down with a ‘virus’ – it lasted about 10 days. I then saw Daryll for a full clinic appointment just at the end of the ‘virus’, I felt fine, and again 5 days later, I was struck with the same ‘virus’. The same thing happened after my 3rd visit so I asked Daryll how I could avoid it happening again. He explained it was my body’s way of healing and a detoxification process. Finally after the 4th visit, I had a glowing complexion and aching muscles, but no ‘virus’.  Then, after about 6 weeks of aching muscles, I discovered a solution – simply drink a lot more water. Finally, after visiting Daryll every 2 – 3 weeks for about 3 months, he announced my blood was cleaner, and we could now start work on strengthening my body.  I continued to see Daryll in his clinic at 3 weekly, and eventually 4 weekly intervals, until now I see him when I feel I need (or want) to. My energy levels and stamina have gradually improved over the past 2 and a half years, and are now better than I can ever remember. My immune system is strong and the sore throat is gone. The endometriosis improved very quickly and the symptoms are now almost non-existent. My gynaecologist observed a significant improvement within 6 months and admitted there was no medical explanation for it. The Candida and food intolerances have improved, and I believe with continued effort, they will eventually be gone for good.

I commenced weekly Qi Gong classes 5 months after I started seeing Daryll in the clinic, and immediately knew it was something I wanted to pursue. Over the past 18 months, I have also completed courses in Medical Qi Gong (including Masters), Reiki (including Masters) and Basic Kinesiology. I have experienced many phases of detoxification, from colds and flu’s to old symptoms returning and then disappearing again, but overall a constant upward trend. I have often experienced short-term detox effects when practising a new form of Qi Gong, however the longer-term benefits have always been worth it.  I will continue to practise Qi Gong and Reiki at home on a daily basis, knowing that this will not only continue to restore my health, but also sustain it. I am very grateful to the Renascent Centre for assisting and guiding me to restore my health. I have my life back and I am now living my life to its fullest potential. Thank you Daryll and Lesley.

Background - I was diagnosed with an Immunoglobulin blood deficiency (IgG) in my early teenage years – symptoms included chronic fatigue, recurrent sore throats, and low immunity to colds, flu’s and viruses. At the time I was told it was hereditary, but it has never shown up anywhere in our family, or family history. From the original diagnosis until the age of around 25, I was given IgG intraveneously or via injection every 2 – 3 months. I lived a relatively normal life in this period and overall my energy levels were around 80 – 90% of the average person. After a period without any IgG supplementation, the original symptoms returned and following referral to an Immunologist, and subsequent tests revealing extremely low levels of IgG, supplementation re-commenced. However, following 2 extreme allergic reactions to the IgG, supplementation was no longer an option. Western medicine couldn’t do anything else for me – I was told to go home and live the best life I could. I now believe the then diagnosed IgG deficiency and related symptoms were directly related to a root canal performed due to a tooth abscess (following a netball accident) when I was 10 years old.  The tooth was removed when I was 29 years old, and an abscess was evident (we don’t know how long it had been there). My health and energy levels improved in the short-term after the tooth was removed. However, a number of health issues remained, as above.

Melissa L  (Student & Clinic Client)

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