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Radionic Test kits & their use
Radionic Test Kits - $89 each

1. Using the kits to supplement healing (during a healing session)

Complete your balance/healing utilising whatever method you deem as the most appropriate for the client. After the completion of the balance, test whether any of the kit is required i.e., -"vitamin kit required" with a indicator change response. If the body indicates "yes - required", test up which vial (i.e., - which vitamin is required) through the kit, take the actual vial of the suggested vitamin and test where it is needed.

(Go through all organs & glands, etc) You will find an unlocking response on the location where it is required. Put this organ/gland in circuit, place the test vial on the belly & rebalance the client determining what ever method is most appropriate for them.

In effect you are completing a further full balance on the client, however, it is important to have the body in a balanced state prior to commencing this technique as otherwise, you may be testing fleeting imbalances caused by other energy disturbances. Once the body is completed balanced, if any of the vitamins still show, you know that it is an actual energy deficiency you are working with rather than another concern that may be a result of another issue in the mind, body or soul.

2. Using the kits to achieve the healing required for a balance

Clear the energy pathways as normal to ensure you are receiving accurate information. Add the test vials to your database of possible corrections. Proceed with your balance/healing utilising what ever method you deem as the most appropriate for the client. When you get to corrections, check your database of corrections (mentally or physically), if the test kit indicates, go through the individual vials until you determine the priority vial. Test whether this needs to be placed on the body or a specific body part, rest the vial there for the desired time, retest. If it still indicates, check whether it is needed in the same place for a longer time or elsewhere on the body. Recheck until it no longer indicates. Whilst your client is being balanced by having the vial placed on them you may discuss what the vial contains and perhaps why they may be testing up for this particular vial at this time. (Often there is a great insight and understanding that comes about for the patient during this little 'chat').

The way this works is that the pilules/liquid in the vials are Radionically potentised, bringing them to their highest possible energetic vibration of the substance, which they contain. If this substance is a negative material e.g., lead (as in the heavy metals test kit), the body will rapidly show a stress response to this potentised form of toxin. This would indicate easily that there is a problem occurring on some level with this substance which can then be worked on. If this substance is a beneficial item e.g., vitamin B, then the body easily recognises it in this form and indicates that it is required. By placing it on the body, energetically the body receives a potentised boost of this energy that can be utilised for healing either within a gland or organ or generally for the body as a whole. By utilising potentised forms of these substances we avoid possible 'overlooking' of a concern/need that may occur with the substance in its natural form or when presented in a weakened form e.g., multivitamins may only contain a trace of the actual vitamin required by the body. When the practitioner utilises the Radionically potentised vials, you can be assured that marginal imbalances may be detected more easily and that potentised healing may occur simply from the use of the vials.

By utilising the vials in this manner, the patient may also avoid unnecessary and costly supplement costs. In some cases, a practitioner will determine that the patient needs to buy and consume a particular vitamin for example and whilst this may well be true, in reality the patient may only need a very small amount of the vitamin.

By utilising the test vials as part of a healing session, this concern will be alleviated, as if they only need a small amount of the vitamin, it may well be provided by the use of the vial in their healing session.

If at the end of their session, they still test up as needing the substance, then it is much more likely that it is required for a longer period of time and that purchasing an entire bottle of the supplements will be reasonably cost effective for them and should they continue to take the remainder of the bottle, they will be requiring most/all of them and therefore not wasting their money.

3. Using the kits to locate areas requiring attention during the healing session

Utilising the test vials for negative concerns such as the heavy metals test kit or the environmental pollutants vials, the practitioner will be able to locate concerns that are debilitating the health and wellbeing of the patient.

By locating the cause of their concern, discussion must be entered into as to where or why that could possibly be a concern. e.g., if a patient tests up with the lead vial, you would need to look at how is it possible that their system may be having an overload of this problem. It may be that they live near a busy road or it may be that they are in an old house that is completed painted with lead containing paint. Both of these are drastic situations and whilst healing would assist, ultimately a larger concern of removing the offending situation must also be looked at.

One client of ours, tested up for pesticides, when questioned about her area and the food consumed, she was adamant that this could not have been the concern as she grew all her own food organically (or so she thought), however based upon this information, she sent a sample of her soil for testing and it turned out that her soil contained levels of pesticides well over 2000 times the acceptable limits, let alone organic requirements. Upon making further investigations, it was revealed that her home was built on land that was previously a heavy sprayed orchard and right next to a (long gone) garage, where they were constantly dipping waste products into a hole they dug at the back. Naturally, this caused intense concern for her and she consulted professionals in this area to get all her soil cleaned up. In just over 1 year, she had brought her soil back to an acceptable level and hopes that within 3-5 years, she may have it at an organically acceptable level. She had no idea that by growing her own food that she was actually poisoning her entire family and had she not employed the use of the test vials, it may have gone undetected for years (if not always) slowly poisoning her family. Once a chat has occurred over the concerns discovered a balance can be done to assist in removing the toxin(s) from the body of the patient. The practitioner can employ whatever skills they have to correct the concern (Kinesiology, Reiki, etc). For kinesiologists, you may put the vial in circuit and then balance according to what you (the practitioner) determines as the most appropriate correction.

4. Using the kits as a follow up supplement to the healing

Once the balancing process is complete and no further supplements are required during the balance, the skilled practitioner can then ask if any follow up supplements are required. Testing can determine if there any supplements that the patient may
be required to purchase and use on an ongoing basis.

The practitioner can determine, what brand is the most appropriate, how much of the supplement is required and for how long and possibly recommend a follow up session to see and discuss the improvement in the patient in their next session.

In the next session, they may also test if a further supplement may be required once the body has adequate of the first supplement e.g., some supplements cannot be adequately absorbed into the body until a foundation of a previous vitamin/supplement is present first.

If more than 1 or 2 vitamins are required, it would be prudent for the practitioner to determine whether a multi-vitamin would be
the best choice in this case.

Note: Always use a high quality, good brand of supplement for the patient as some cheaper/low quality brands may prove to be ineffective. In many cases if you are to tell a patient to go and purchase a particular vitamin and they go past a $2 shop, with a range of discontinued out of date vitamin products available they may not realise that this is not best for their healing concerns. Alternatively, many patients will go home and scour the back of shelves to find old products (well out of use by dates) and think that this may be good enough. Educate them on what constitutes high quality as required for their healing. Share your knowledge on supplements and vitamins and if necessary, test up a range of brands to determine the most appropriate supplement for them at this time. Explain that this need is for "right now" and their needs may be different at another time in their life.

Encourage them to see a qualified practitioner whenever they are about to embark on a new supplement to check that it is right FOR THEM and FOR THIS TIME.

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