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Health Cultivation / Healing Circle Term 4 2011


We offer many types of natural healing, however, often people are confusied as to what each one is.

Here I hope to share a very brief introduction on some forms of natural healing (extracted from a booklet available to our clinic clients):


 WHAT IS KINESIOLOGY?Kinesiology is a biofeedback mechanism that allows the skilled practitioner to utilise muscle strengths & weaknesses to understand what is occurring within the body of their client.As well as obtaining information regarding the client’s state of equilibrium, it is also a valued healing modality within its own framework. Many Kinesiology classes are available – often beginning with Touch For Health. Contact "Renascent" or “The International College of Intuitive Sciences” for the specialised classes we offer in this modality or your local branch. (In Australia the Australian Kinesiology Association) To work with Kinesiology, you would use your muscles testing skills, looking for an indicator change to show the areas you were needing to work with. 



 WHAT IS VEGA TESTING?Vega testing is a biofeedback system utilising electrical impulses from the body connected to a machine. By holding a metal rod in the hand, the practitioner will press a small (rounded) probe into an acupuncture point on the body. The machine will show a response on a scale as to the relative health / energy & response of the person through this point.Substances can be introduced into the machine & a further response can be witnessed. The client may also hold substances & have their responses to the substances measured by the Vega machine.Ie – in adding a vitamin vial to the client, it can be verified whether their energy levels remain constant (not required – no change indicated), lower (toxic to the system at this time and may need to be deleted from the diet) or raise (required by the client).  



 WHAT IS PULSE POINT TESTING?Pulse Point testing is similar to Kinesiology a in that it is a bio feedback technique. However,rather than relying on muscle change, the practitioner feels the strength & speed of a microscopic capillary bed pulse. By introducing vials or substances into the patients energy field (generally by holding them to the cheek) the skilled practitioner is able to detect marginal differences in this energy pulse and through the interpretation of these differences, is able to detect what is occurring for the patient. 



 WHAT IS PENDULUM TESTING?A pendulum is a device suspended from a chain or line. It utilises the parasympathetic nervous system (the nerves that control the involuntary responses of the body) to access the subconscious mind.(For further information on how to program & use a pendulum, read “Awaken Your Energies” by Lesley Mitchell).Once the practitioner is skilled with pendulum use it can be as effective as any other modality to provide information about the patient. Generally, the pendulum will be requested to rotate in a certain direction for a “yes” response and a different direction for a “No” response. With this information, the practitioner is able to check effectively which supplements / pollutants are required / causing concerns for the patient.   



 WHAT IS SPIRITUAL OR INTUTIVE HEALING?Spiritual or Intuitive Healing can be learnt, however unlike other modalities, it is easiest with a large degree of naturally inherited skill. Alternatively, to become effective in this field a great degree of training & practice may be required. The Chinese state that the ability to feel / sense these energies can take up to 25 years of solid study to become proficient with. However, should you possess this skill, it can be a wonderful asset in working with these kits. Rather than muscle testing or using any device, the skilled practitioner in this field is able to utilise this kit by intuitive feeling / receiving spiritual messages about which vial is appropriate for the patient. They can then intuit the duration of use and whether or not another supplement may be required.

We have consultations available in many methods of natural healing available in our clinic. We deal with all health issues, ranging from ‘just needing an energy boost’ to emotional and relationship concerns, physical illnesses, cancer, childhood conditions, IVF programs, conception & pregnancy maintenance. Whether you have a serious health concern or would just like to feel more enlivened. Contact Renascent regarding appointment times and for the therapies available.  Good Health begins with awareness

MEDICAL QI GONG:  A fascinating form of healing that has proved remarkable worldwide. Qi Gong has been found to assist many health conditions. Many ‘miracles’ have been witnesses in Chinese hospitals with tumours reducing and disappearing before the eyes on medical equipment. Qi Gong has healed many ‘incurable’ illnesses. It is a form of energy healing - similar to the laying on of hands, yet often without actually touching the client. The Qi (energy) is 'invited' in to rebalance the energy systems in the body to produce harmony.

REIKI: A beautiful form of non-invasive healing where the practitioner dedicates their time and training to being a clear channel for divine energy to come through to the patient. Many patients experience a feeling of being ‘wrapped in love’.  It is a form of energy healing - similar to the laying on of hands, yet often without actually touching the client.

KINESIOLOGY Muscle Balancing - To clear stresses and imbalances in the body and mind:  A path to restoring our natural energies, which may be depleted through work, stress, emotions, improper diet or many varied causes. A wonderful way to feel relaxed, serene and in balance. Working with the seven dimensions of intelligence the Edu K balance follows the educational model which involves the client in the total process from goal setting, through assessment, instruction and reassessment. Providing an environment in which learning may take place and enhancing any learning program.

  • Meridian Energy Massage 
  • Goal Balancing 
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Food Sensitivities  
  • Emotional Stress Release 
  • Relationship Problems 
  • Physical Pain & Tension 
  • Sound/Color Balancing 
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Learning Disabilities 
  • Communication 
  • Organisation
  • Abundance & Success 
  • Sleep Pattern Concerns 
  • Tibetan Energy Corrections
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Poor Concentration 
  • Trauma Shock
  • Relieving past conditions that may still be creating concerns, such as a left over residue of childhood diseases, anaesthetic & sensitivities

just to name a few, Or if you simply want to release issues and/or the past and move ahead in life with greater clarity & confidence.

Utilising Circular polarisation of light, crystal energy and color therapy, we are able to ascertain exactly where energy blockages are occurring in the clients body and correct them using gentle and natural methods. The resulting condition is a freedom from past emotional blockages and improved energy flow resulting in greater health and vitality.

GEM, STELLAR & BACH FLOWER ESSENCES:  For those who would like to have some guidance as to which essences are most appropriate. This consultation takes approx’ 30-45 minutes alone or can be incorporated into any full clinic session. Patient information is stored and on follow up sessions you will be given a chart to plot your state of emotional balance and the changes that have occurred. Personal advice is shared with your practitioner and the cost includes all relevant essences. A gentle method of healing where the individual is treated, rather than the illness itself and as they become well the disease or state is forced to leave, having been cast off by the increase of health. The mind being the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, shows the onset and the course of disease much more definitely than the body, so the outlook of the mind is chosen as a guide as to which remedy or remedies are necessary, verified through muscle testing. (Used as part of a clinic session where appropriate)
COST: $30.00 (half hour) (includes essences) or $5 with any full session (by request)

In our often hurried ways of life it is easy to become unbalanced and less centred than our optimum level. Using energy flow within the body and natural methods of healing and we work to rebalance the body and soul.  In a gentle, safe environment we use these natural methods to assist to rebalance the subtle energy centres within and align the aura to release past traumas and shocks on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

A fascinating process to determine the amount of financial abundance we are comfortable giving & receiving (often surprisingly low creates a stress response). Followed by healing to reset the body’s comfort level with higher abundance & create magic in your life.

CLINIC: ALL OF THE HEALING METHODS AND TECHNIQUES ARE INCORPORATED IN RENASCENT SESSIONS – You can specify which you require, or allow your practitioner to determine the best modality for you at this stage. Clinic time is 45 minutes, should clinic time extend there is no additional charge. You do not need to decide on a modality, Mr Mitchell will determine the most appropriate for you at the time of the session.

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