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Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course

An enlightened & fascinating modality of healing brought forward from Atlantean teachings, using kinesiology, colour therapy, Gem Essences, and circular polarisation of energy through crystals.

For more information on the CLB manual & Torch, please look up the CLB products pages

Students will work with a client to locate and balance energy flow disturbances to the 14 major organs.
Locate & balance the emotions creating the energy blockage.
Have a working knowledge of Chinese 5 elements, Ch'i flow, colour associated with each organ and it's healing properties, 20 Gem Essences & how to perform accurate muscle tests.
One of the common tools of many Kinesiologists. You will be able to practice colour therapy by the end of this course if desired.

You will receive:

  • The entire Crystal Light balancing course on audio CD
  • Handy DVD case containing all discs - easy to store on the shelf or take with you to listen to when travelling
  • The complete Crystal Light Balancing Wokbook on ebook form
  • Your ebook files also include:
    Complete Catalogue
    Kinesiology diagrams (to assist your muscle testing skill)
    Crystal light balancing flow charts, Meridian Charts and Acupressure Cghecking Points chart
    Test papers (may be printed out and posted back or submitted via email or online)
    Unique Authorisation Code (for accrediting your hours towards further Certificates / Diplomas if required)

Color therapy, Kinesiology, Pendulums, Chinese 5 elements, deep emotional balancing.

An exciting powerful & deeply aligning natural therapy correction. For beginners & practitioners alike

All CLB products can be purchased individually at any time, however we believe you will gain the most benefit from having all products available when you practice your CLB healing sessions. Hence, we are delighted to offer them to you at a discounted price when purchased in combination with the correspondence course.
An complete copy of the workbook is included as part of the Crystal Light Balancing course on ebook. You can view online or print it out, alternatively, you may add the purchase of the A4 manual in paper form

$140 (Includes course, pendulum, manual (A5 size) - Save $32.90)
$330 (Course, pendulum, manual + Torch Save - $67.90)
$398 (Course, pendulum, manual, Torch, Advanced Colour Discs Save - $79.85)
$495 (Course, pendulum, manual, Torch + 20 CLB Pure Gem Essence Kit, Save - $100.90)

$595 (Course, pendulum, manual, Torch, 20 CLB Pure Gem Essence Kit + Advanced discs Save $120.90)
(practitioner status in one course + accreditation toward diploma)

Explore color therapy & the 5 elements - torch shown in leather like packagingRenascent Crystal Light Balancing TorchBeautiful new crafted wooden packaging with updated discs
Complete in a sturdy carry case, with: Torch (batteries, clip & spare globe) Halogen globes, Quartz Crystal tip and 7 color discs. 4 for the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing & an extra 3 (no additional charge) for Chakric work. The color gels are a particular shade that produces balance in the energy systems.


Understand this fascinating modality of color, gem & energy healing. Chinese 5 elements, seasons, gem healing, Kinesiology & PendulumsRenascent Crystal Light Balancing Workbook

The workbook given as part of the Crystal Light Balancing course (in ebook form).
Chinese five elements, energy flow to organs, imbalanced emotional states. Crystal pendulums, Seasonal changes, healing, Circular polarisation of light, cleansing energy blocks, Color Therapy & spiral Energy Flows, Meridian & Acupressure Holding Points, Qi or Chi flow within the body, Gem Essences, Kinesiology & Pendulum corrections pages as well as step by step instructions to inform, entice and assist you. To enhance treatments of natural therapists & for those with no prior experience.

Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Gem Essences
The gem essence kit designed to work with the Crystal Light Balancing manual (Book) & seminar, however it may be used alone. The kit contains 20 pure stock strength (not dilutions) gem essences especially chosen to rebalance emotions that cause meridian imbalance. All essences and their appropriate use for each meridian are listed in the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Workbook. A beautiful method of healing & bringing back clarity and a feeling of greater empowerment.
FAQ: Do I need to use the essences to perform a CLB healing. Using the essences is not crucial - in that your balancing procedure will still work without the essences, however I find you get a better depth to your healing and the changes are anchored in more strongly, allowing the body to hold this balanced state for a longer time, whilst it becomes accustomed to the changes - therefore making your procedure more effective. I have utilised many different brands of gem essences and found them to be greatly varying in their efficiency. I have experienced great success with the Renascent Gem Essences and honestly believe them to be amongst the best available essences (which is why we supply them). As far as I am aware they utilise the most comprehensive method of manufacture, the highest quality of gems and do not utilise the simple manufacturing procedure for flower essences (which most other gem essences manufacturers do) which we have found quite ineffective for gem essence manufacture. More information can be found on the Gem Essences Product pages.


Exquisite healing with the new advanced colour healing discs

Crystal Light Balancing Advanced Colour Healing Discs

Beautifully Gift boxed in a wooden mahogony box. A further 6 advanced colour discs to bring delightful healing energies to your patient/self. *See the CLB product pages for more information



 PLEASE READ THIS - The information on the CLB system is the opinion of the author and reports from a wide range of people using the toches as to the areas they have found greatest assistance in. They are used to correct energy imbalances or stresses which may in turn be creating illness or physical problems in the body.  Being a vibrational energy they have not been tested scientifically and no such claims are made for them. We encourage you to also see a professional therapist whenever applicable.

Available Options:
Course options: Course only  
Course and Torch ( + $190.00 )
Course, Torch & CLB Essence Kit ( + $300.00 )
Course, Torch & Advanced Colour Discs ( + $258.00 )
Course, Torch, CLB Essences & Advanced Colour Discs ( + $435.00 )
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