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Renascent Feb' 2011 Newsletter Events & Updates
For all details, please visit and type the title in the search bar - all should pop up with the details.

Rock of Ages Theatre...

ROCK OF AGES is a hilarious, feel-good love story told through the hit songs such as: ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’, ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘We Built This City’ and ‘More Than Words’ by iconic rockers such as Foreigner, Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Poison, Starship, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake, and many more.
We have secured tickets at $88 (instead of $135) great seats. Theatre is a terrific experience for children and adults alike and this is sure to be a fabulous, fun filled, exciting evening. We need at least 10 bookings to secure the seats at the discounted rate (we have 8 so far)
Book in ASAP

Min' Class numbers now 2!

Previously you may have had lengthy waits for certain classes, we are delighted in 2011 to lower the minimum class numbers to just 2!
Grab a friend, book in together to ensure your class goes ahead!

Monthly Craft Workshops!

We are delighted to offer friendly creative evenings on the 1st Monday each month 7-9pm

Jewelled Tibetan Bookmarks Workshop - in Warrandyte On: Monday 7th March At: 7-9pm

We have had so much fun with the craft and creativity classes we have decided to offer them every month and we are excited to have you in the workshop. Older children most welcome with parents in this class, however these classes are aimed at adults. (Kids classes available earlier in the day)
Join us in a relaxed atmosphere each month (or as you like) to create wonderful items each workshop for yourself or beautiful gift giving. Never be stuck for (inexpensive) fabulous gifts again. Imagine when Christmas /Birthdays roll around, having a box of beautiful gifts on hand for $1-10 each - terrific (additional supplies may be purchased at the workshops or throughout the year).
We are delighted to share a friendly happy evening with you (min' class numbers are 2, bring a friend to ensure the class goes ahead) - the 1st Monday each month.
In this workshop you will awaken a world or fun, creativity & great gifts.

Time to get creative...


Create your own beautiful bathing salts or delight in ready made ones................. Ahhhhhh.... in the tub or as a foot soak, feel the tension melting away already...........
BRAND NEW, Fresh & Pure just for you
Pure ROCK SALT for Aromatherapy Bathing Salts, candle making, soap making, delightful bathing, Be creative!
(not for cooking)
Add any Pure Essential oils blended with pure "healing Renascent gem essences or your own choices
BEAUTIFUL! Create gorgeous healing "Bathing Bliss" for yourself or begin a new business!
So simple a child could do it (6 year old making bath salts)
Emma making bath salts
Emma Packaging her bath salts
You are sure to love this beautiful bathing bliss made iwth pure french pink aguilitz clay - gorgeous: HARMONY PINK CLAY Bath Salts Peach
Time to nurture yourself whislt creating beautifully smooth, soft skin.
Try a cleopatra milk bath


(updated every time there is a time / date change.
Check here the night prior to any event in case there have been any changes
Remember also to check out all the HOME SCHOOL EVENT listings & the 2011 ART, CRAFT, KIDS, HANDS ON CLASSES
Hello, great to share with you again...
In this newsletter - we have some terrific things to share with you
From TOTALLY FREE items looking for new homes, to fun events with the kids, new DVD's and live class streaming
Scroll down and read on.......
I have just forwarded you a copy of the HOME SCHOOL EVENTS NEWSLETTER - there's some great topics in there to share with you too and I hope you can join us at some.
Chinese New Year DVD.......
As part of our Chinese New Years celebrations, we filmed the discussion Daryll gave for the changes in energies for the upcoming Chinese Year of the metal rabbit.
Including the remedies we may pop in to correct the energies, favourable directions, things to be aware of when building or renovating.
It's a light hearted 30 minute (or so) discussion filmed live at the event (not professionally filmed). If you would like a copy of the DVD we are delighted to make them available to you (at cost!) of $4 each - plus $4 shipping or you may collect from Warrandyte.
Email us your name and address if you would like a copy (you can pay via direct deposit, credit card, money order or paypal)-
FREE Items to a good home & great discounts.......
This category is a special limited time area for items we are looking for new homes quickly for.
It may be full or have nothing right now! Special offers come & go, many of them are FREE. In line with creating sacred space and abundance, we are letting go of many of our preloved items and new stock that has been here just a little too long.
Many items completely FREE! (no catches - happy for them to find a good home) We are updating this list regularly at present.
Select: "LIMITED TIME OFFERS" on our website or click on the mailbox here.
I will be updating this and all items over the next week or 2 - check back regularly!
Basic Kinesiology Level 1.......
Unfortunately, we didn't get numbers for this terrific weekend to go ahead.
If you are interested, please contact Lesley and we'll organise a new set of dates.
The basis of muscle testing/muscle kinesiology. A new approach to restoring our natural energies, a practical guide to health using Acupressure, touch and massage to improve balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. Touch for Health One goes through quality muscle testing, 14 muscle balance, Emotional Stress Release, Water/Dehydration check, Food Sensitivity testing, General posture awareness, and simple pain relief techniques
Ongoing Events .......
We are really enjoying the ongoing classes that began a couple of weeks ago. We have several new faces to share with as well as our lovely past friends. We hope you may join us in some of them soon, there's no need to book and you can turn up as you like.
here's the details:
Qi Gong Practice Classes ...
Wednesdays 7-8pm
Fridays 9.30-10.30am
Saturdays 9-10am
$18 casual rate (your 1st class is FREE) / $15 pc booked and paid per term (we can pro rata this to whenever you would like to start)
Qi Gong Benefits: Many students (including myself) find that by attending just 1 Qi Gong class a week - we maintain flexibility, our bodies are more comfortable, our range of movement is increased, many health concerns disappear.
Spiritual Development Circle ...
Wednesdays 8-10pm
$20 casual rate / $17 pc booked and paid per term (we can pro rata this to whenever you would like to start)
You will receive guidance, commune with your Spirit helpers, be given readings and learn how to know the signals of Spirit presence, also to know the energy around situations by the presence of Spirit or not.
This will be a fun, informative and energy awakening class - come and join us!
In 2011 all of the Wed' workshops are included in your term fees.
Our goal is to assist you to have spiritual connection in everything you do in life to allow your life to flow gently.
Each week we will look at how to.........
Health Cultivation Classes ...
Fridays 10.30am-11.30am
Originally intended as a Reiki circle, we have expanded this to "ENERGY HEALING & HEALTH CULTIVATION"
Each week we will share with a wonderful like minded group that many comment feel like a healing 'family'. We will cover theory & practical each week, with time for you to give & receive a healing every week - how lovely! Imagine how much more balanced you will feel!
Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, this class will suit your style.
With some students covering healing to maintain and improve their own (& their families) well-being & vitality, other students being professional clinical practitioners.
$18 casual rate / $15 pc booked and paid per term (we can pro rata this to whenever you would like to start)

Group Healing...
Fridays 11.30-12noon
A wonderfully valuable way to receive a healing every week. Lesley was cured of an 'incurable' bone disease, solely through the work that is done in public healing. You can come every week (combine it with Qi Gong or just turn up), you are even welcome to a FREE cuppa. Payment is by donation, no bookings are required. Come often, bring the family. We have had many miraculous healings (especially with children & the elderly) & find those that can make the time to come regularly really receive the best benefits, you can now have a cuppa afterwards & a relax / shop in the centre.

Live Class Streaming & DVD's!

We are currently working on getting classes streamed live through your computer - so even if you cannot make a class in person, you will be able to log in and join us in real time from anywhere in the world. We'll keep you informed!
We are now filming the spiritual development circle (actually our 12 year old son Gabe is - as part of his multi media studies). It's not therefore professionally filmed nor finished, but if you wish to watch some of the circle classes they will soon be available on the website at nominal rates.
The 1st class is now available:
Light workers: it covers your role in society, who we interact as healers and a visualisation / healing given to the participants by energy / light workers - your guides will be invited into the room whilst you are watching the DVD and you will be able to receive this healing energy for yourself firsthand.
FEE: $5 + $4 shipping (in Aust') Special introductory price!
The next class available (3 week course) will be on Tarot & Symbology.
Thanks for sharing - we hope to see you soon...
Most importantly - whether you get to share with us in person in 2011 or by correspondence or your path leads a different direction ...
May we wish you all the very best thoughts, blessings and love for a truly happy, successful and fulfilling 2011 Year of the Rabbit
Thanks for reading, sharing with us and being part of this wonderful world we live in
With Kindest regards, blessings & good Qi to you
Lesley (& Daryll) Mitchell & the Renascent team
RENASCENT: 143 Research Warandyte Rd, Warrandyte, Ph: 03 98445888

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