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Welcome to...
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Can you believe this is the last week of term 1 already - wow!
We have so much to share with you, this is the first of our 'new look' newsletters with lots of tips & information. We hope you enjoy it!
The Renascent Centre closes this Sunday for 2 weeks and may we wish you all the very best for a Happy Easter & we hope you have a lovely reconnecting time with a few special treats just for you.
I didn't manage to get out the March Newsletter, but we hope you like the new look website & now look forward to staying in touch even more.
PLEEEAASSSEE Please do this: The big news is....... See the big "join our email list" tab above.. we have updated all our email lists YAY! and what we would really love you to do is click on the link, fill in your details and select all the email groups that are applicable to you.
For example, if your birthday is in May - click on the "May" tab and it will drop you in a special group of people for that month where we will be able to send you wishes for a happy day and a special birthday offer / gift.
If you are a Qi Gong student, click that too, so you will get some personal news to assist you to keep on track regularly.
If you have been wanting to come to clinic or have previously been in, click on the "Clinic group" too (you may even get discounted session or free gifts with certain codes that are emailed out).
If you are a home school mum, add the kids names and ages in, in case we need them for any events.
It won't delete any of your previous information, it will just add to it and update your files. If you ever wish to change your preference, just click on the tab again and update all you like. You can unsubscribe with a simple click at the bottom of any email.
We had a terrific time with the Easter Soap class (both the kids & the adults classes) with them making some fabulous 'soap eggs'. The centre still smells lovely....
All classes are on this week, including Saturday Qi Gong, then.....
Renascent Centre closes over Easter:
Term Break 10th - 26th, April 27th all ongoing classes recommence
We look forward to seeing you on the 27th in person or online
In term 2 we are really excited to begin the new Meditation classes, see below news
& we have some terrific events taking place with the Spiritual Development Circle - scroll down...
We hope to share with you soon
All the very best wishes & blessings for a Happy Easter
Kindest regards, Blessings & Good Qi to you, Lesley (& Daryll) Mitchell
Affirmation for the Month ...
I am safe, all is well in my world. All my needs are taken care of. I have enough abundance for everything that is important to me.
Money / Earth Saving Tip for the Month ...
Purchase one of those scourer pads, the type with green scourer material on 2 sides and foam in the middle. Taking a knife, make a deep slit at the top & poke in a couple of soap offcuts. Your pots will clean perfectly with no heavy chemicals and the soap can be regularly topped up. Use the Renascent Melt & pour soap base for a natural easy soap base.
Essence of the Month ...
TIGER EYE (Renascent Gem essence):
May be required for: Inability to sleep from too many thoughts going on in the mind, scattered energies, desire to control events in life. Feeling tied down & confronting with others. Positive aspects it brings: Centres & balances thoughts & emotions, assists manifestation skills.
perfect for when you can't switch off at night from having too many thoughts, a dab of Renascent Tiger Eye essence & your mind will calm down, create centred useful thoughts & allow you to rest deeply & peacefully.
Free Gift of the Month ...
Every month we have a free gift you can add to any online order, you may choose your selection from here FREE GIFT with every order or let us choose for you. No catches, absolutely FREE with any order
This month we are delighted to offer: Beautiful samples of the Renascent natural soap - gorgeous lemongrass or pear fragrances - enjoy!
Student Testimonial of the Month ...
After Saturday, Qi Gong Awakening, I noticed my taste buds had changed, my desire for junk food nearly gone, Sunday & Monday – huge detox, Tuesday – felt enlivened, sleeping better, feel more alive, excited. When we did group sending of Chi. I felt myself expand, it was as if I had blended with the universal Chi. Donna O
Monthly Specials ....
Every Month we have a terrific monthly special offer (usually $5) which you can add to any order or purchase on its own. Remember to check each month.
This month it is a fabulous prayer sutra to wear or hang to bring spiritually blessed energies into your life.
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Renascent Events coming up in May ...
May 2011:
TUESDAYS 8-9pm Meditation & Visualisation Classes $12 / $10 commences
*2nd Monday 10-12noon Kids Craft - Perfume & Lip Balms $12
2nd Monday 7-9pm Craft Workshop - Perfume & Lip Balms $25
4th & 11th Wednesday Eve's x 2 8-10pm Pyramid & Pyramidal Energies Circle Classes $40 / $34
13-15th Fri' eve & Weekend Meditation & Healing Retreat $320
21st Saturday 10.30-5pm Popular Gemmology $125
25th & 1st Wednesday Eve's x 2 8-10pm Spiritual & Inspirational Writing Circle Classes $40 / $34
*26th Thursday 9.30-12noon Orienteering at Healesville $18
28th Saturday 10-4pm Qi Gong Day $85
Visit www.RenascentCollege and type in the title in the search bar for more info' & bookings.
Spiritual Development Circle News ...
In term 2, SDC will not be held every week, some of the students would like to attend the new Meditation classes on Tuesdays & we have decided to run with the series classes - eg pyramidal energies, rather than every single week. You are still welcome to turn up for a single class, but check here Spiritual Development Circle for the dates each evening.
New Meditation class ...
Commencing May 3rd. A lovely evening where you are welcome to come along (no bookings required) every Tuesday during the term 8-9pm.
You will be guided through a mix of practical exercises including visualisations, Qi Gong meditation and Spiritual reconnection. Different topics & styles regularly offered with the focus on reconnecting you with yourself, your lifepath & your soul journey.
A wonderful space will be created 'just for you', a time to 'be' & assist you to flow gently with life. Perfect for those feeling 'time stressed' as well as those 'in the zone' to flow in harmony with life.
We hope to see you soon.
News in the Clinic ...
Have you ever thought about why you come to clinic, it's usually because something is 'not working'. How wonderful it would be though if as well as this when you came in and we asked "what are you here for?" You replied "I am fabulous, everything is working well and I would like it to stay that way".
It seem there are cycles that occur where we see many people for the same causes. Lately we have been having a lot of clients feeling like their life is at a turning point, where they are confused as to which direction to take. Many have reported that joining a Qi Gong class and coming into the clinic has 'set them back on their correct path'.
If you would like a 'bit of a tune up' come along & see us soon. We look forward to working with you.
Ongoing Events ...
MONDAYS 1st of each month Craft & Creativity Workshops for kids $12
MONDAYS 1st of each month Craft & Creativity Workshops for adults $25
TUESDAYS 9am - 8pm, FRIDAYS: 1.45-3.30pm (App’ req’) Private Clinic Sessions $90 (Discounts available)
TUESDAYS 8-9pm Meditation & Visualisation Classes $12/$10pc
WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7-8pm Qi Gong for Everyone $18/15p.class
WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: 8-10pm Spiritual Development Series classes $15pc
THURSDAYS 12.30-2.30pm (times may vary) Fitness Training at the Glasgow track $Don'n
FRIDAYS: 9.30-10.30am (No App’ req’) Qi Gong for Everyone $18/15pc
FRIDAYS: 10.30-11.30am (App’ req’) Health Cultivation Circle $18/$15pc
FRIDAYS: 11.30-12noon (No App’ req’) Group Healing $ Donation
FRIDAYS: 12-2pm (No App’ req’) Renascent Centre Open Free
SATURDAYS 9-10am Qi Gong for Everyone $18/15p.class (App’ req’)
BY App't: Private Sessions & Centre, Professional Feng Shui / Tien Ti Home & Business Consults / Space Clearing / Blessing
We hope to see you soon.
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Daryll & Lesley Mitchell
College Founders
Renascent: Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia
PH: 03 9844 5888

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