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2011 End of Year Sales Specials & updates

Hello [NAME]
MERRY CHRISTMAS (getting close now!)
Sincere apologies we have had a bit of a mix up with classes this week. We were scheduled to conclude at the end of last week at Renascent, however, due to missing 1 week of classes whilst Daryll was in USA, we will hold a catch up class for the Wednesday & Saturday Qi Gong Students this week and also an additional Friday morning class.
Anyone is welcome to attend either class (Wednesday and Saturday students who have paid per term need not pay, Friday class and all casual attendees, $18 per class).
We will also be sharing a break up party at each class - please bring a wrapped kris kringle gift to share around and a plate of food.
If you haven't attended Qi Gong before - its sure to be a fun week, so come along and celebrate with us, you will be made most welcome.
Saturday students (as we are unsure of numbers) please register your interest to ensure the class goes ahead.
This Friday, we have 1 clinic vacancy at 1.45pm - please email if you would like it. A perfect way to give yourself a little gift of healing.
Every Tuesday night Daryll has been doing a Group Healing Qi Gong meditation via webinar. This week will be the last for 2011.
You simply ask him for an invite and log in to join. He opens the chat room 30 minutes prior to the webinar and you are able to chat and discuss healings with other participants (8.30-9.30pm Melbourne time)
Payment is by donation. Please register early to avoid any log in concerns. Email for your invitation.
Also this Friday the showroom is open from 11am - 4pm
If you would like to do some Christmas Shopping in peace or stock up on supplies for the festive season, please pop in and see us.
We have many sale specials left over from the Christmas Sale & have left the special prices up on many items.
Here's a few of what's available (you are welcome to email your order through and we will pop the specials aside for you or ship out)
How easy - beat the crowds, shop in peace. I'll even make you a special cup of tea whilst you are here.
Scroll to the bottom of this email for my personal news and a special christmas wish for you
(3) Lucky showbags Up to $99.95 value Includes: Crystal & Gem Healing Book ($12.95), Bliss Bag ($3), 1-2 pieces of Hand Made jewellery ($4-16.95ea), Jade carving ($12.95), soap or tea ($6.90-8.90), gemstone ($3.95), poster ($6.90), Sunmate UV protector ($29.95) -Now All $20 ea
(4 bottles) CELLULITE SERUM – A beautiful gel that smells fantastic and we have had fantastic reports back regarding its success $27.95, Now $10
(4 sets) Chemistry chaos gift boxed: Complete set of experiments, DVD, all supplies, books, great fun over the holidays. Was $49.90, Now $35
BOOKS: Perfect Christmas Gifts
(6) MONSTEROLOGY ($32.50) $10
(1) EGYPTOLOGY ($32.50) $10
(3) TYRANNOSAURUS REX Build your own dinosaur ($29.90) $8
(1) ASTROBOX - A full kit of star charts and plans ($49.90) $10
(2) PIRATEOLOGY ($32.50) $10
FISH IN A BAG SOAP -Fun little bags of soap with a toy fish "swimming" inside - the kids love them $5.50each / 2 for $10
jintong blood pressure watchesAmazing reports of health & healing, blood pressure normalized in just 30 minutes of wearing. A fantastic gift with a difference. A beautiful looking watch in medium or large face, gift boxed & fantastic health benefits for all. (more on website) $125 $45
White face: 9 watches remaining
Dark Brown: 4
Light Brown:1
XYRON STICKER MAKING – We have discontinued the Xyron Machines – however we have many cartridges here reduced from $41.95 to $35. If you own a machine, this is a terrific way to stock up on cartridges.
(Laminate/Laminate, Magnet/Laminate, Repositional Adhesive)
We also have 1 x 510 machines and cartridges – usually $89.90 (machine) $30 (cartridges) special offer – machine & 6 cartridges $270 $120
Eye beautifying pen – Eliminate fine lines & wrinkles – $89 $39.90 or with FREE Skin Analyser set (usually $49.50) for $59.90
(4) Mosquito clicks– if it stings or itches–just click! $19.95 $15– great gift!
(5) HIMALAYAN SALT DEODORANT – All natural $12.95 $7.90
FLICKERS – Fascinating tea lights that look like candles, flickering within a clear tube, complete with rechargeable base, simply drop the tea lights onto the base and recharge overnight, beautiful mood lighting. Perfect for home or clinic, these are truly lovely. A perfect gift for anyone. Gift Boxed – set of 4(4 only) - $59.90 $20
(6) CUP cake of soap: A soap that looks just like a cup cake & they smell as good as they look (A case for food smelling better than it tastes!) Strawberry and cream or cookies & cream! $5.50 each or 2 for $10
(12) Bliss bags - A real treat, beautiful fabric bath bags, blended with essences, essential oils, herbs and a luxurious soaking mix. Toss in a bath or foot soak & delight, perfect gifts. These smell exquisite. $2.50ea or $8 for 4
(1) Huge bag of gemstone treasures: A large selection of bits & pieces broken wands (can be glued back together or used as gemstone peices or for healing/make jewellery, etc) Great savings:
Huge Aventurine wand, calcite wand, quartz wand, jade chopsticks, Ruby in Zoisite wand, Natural Piece of Calcite, Aquamarine wand, 35gm Yowah Opal Matrix, Quartz Twinned Crystal, Large Calcite plate
$40 the entire lot
As you will notice - we have limited items of these pieces, please email us your requests ASAP and we will pop them aside for your collection or organise a courier to zip them straight out to you.
Thanks for looking!
(6) RESIN INCENSE KITS - Gift packed, set of 2 X resin incense, rock salt (for burning charcoal on), 1 roll of charcoal. Perfect for Chrsitmas Space clearing & blessings $12.95set, Now $5
HERBAL BATHING ALCHEMY -Gift boxed, set of bathing bag & mix of herbal resins, bath salts, gem essences for healing and muscle relaxing. (1 relaxation, 2 upliftment) $9.90 set, Now $5
SUNMATE UV DETECTOR - A necessity for summer, determine the strength of UV rays at any location. $29.95,Now $5
(1) FLUORESCENT ROCKS KIT or (3) FUN ROCKS KIT - Gift boxed, great for budding gemmologists. complete with fluorescent torch or magnifying glass $32.50. Now $15set $12
TEAS - A gorgeous range - including our limited edition "Raspberry Blast" divine black tea with organic cranberries and Raspberry flavour. $8.90 box, now 4 for $20 + a free tea wand
We currently have a limited range including: raspberry rush, chai, green tea chai, tummy calm, buddhas delight, orange pekoe, cherish, raspberry rush, monks pear, tibetan masala, sweet dreams, madagascan vanilla, rose puchong (*please list 2nd preferences also)
(3 boxes) DIG & DISCOVER -Gift boxed, includes digging tools and block with pyrite (fools gold) to excavate $14.90 set, Now $8
LUCKY JADE CARVINGS - $9.95ea Now $4 or 4 for $12
(20) YELLOW jade massage rollers & Pummeller – Larger than above (20cm) with massage pummeller. Great for practitioners $89.95 $10
Cupping sets– Restore balance & heal the body, Acucupping to suck on the skin and draw toxins out $89.95set SALE - $40
Chinese feng shui lopans Place in centre of home to align energies & bring harmony (Daryll can assist) $79.95 $15ea
(3) Solid marble stress release spheres – Really attractive balls, roll them in your hand to relieve stress – great for executives $7.95 $5
Clay Art Piece carvings Place in home to bring harmony, make into Jewellery, create moulds, just admire $30.95 $10ea
(Just the selection here - enlarge image to see pieces)
Huge Pyrite Cluster Specimen Absolutely beautiful - over 1kg, natural cluster crystal $106 $45
Quan Yin Pendant Goddess of compassion - removes negative energies $12.95 $10each (gift packed)
VENUE: 143 Research Rd, Warrandyte, 3113
CAN’T COME IN PERSON? Email, Phone, Fax orders through and we'll get a courier price and zip them out to you this week
Ph: 03 9844 5888 Fax: (03) 9844 2788 Email:
Thanks so much for sharing a terrific 2011 with us.
Over the next few weeks, we shall have the 2012 calendar of events completed and we will reopen the 2nd to 3rd week in January 2012.
If you need supplies urgently over this time, email me as we may be here and able to assist you.
CHINESE NEW YEAR is on January 23rd 2012 and we will be organising a special restuarant celebration, pop the date in your diary and I will email the details to you.
Daryll & I are extremely grateful to have shared such a busy, changing and rich year with you and we thank you deeply for reading our news, attending classes with us, joining us in celebrations and sharing all many of experiences.
Some of you may know Emma left the school system a couple of weeks ago and will continue with Gabe in their home schooling adventures in 2012.
We are delighted to have this special time with them both.
We thank all of our over the phone and in person students/clients/friends for understanding the interruptions these little souls sometimes have in your time with us and we feel honoured for your acceptance of our chosen paths.
We hope to see you / share with you again soon (maybe on the China tour in September - yes, plans are busily underfoot for this event)
May you have a truly blessed festive season filled with joy, abundance and contentedness.
With deep blessings
Lesley, Daryll, Gabe & Emma
(Natural Health Clinic, Correspondence & Live Classes, Great Products, Overseas Tours, Home School Events)
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Just add in again (it will update your preferences
(add in any other email lists - eg: Soap art/clinic )you want updates on too.
Renascent: Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia
PH: 03 9844 5888

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