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Hello [NAME]
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR of the Dragon (Scroll down for some helpful feng shui tips Daryll has put together to get the best out of 2012)
The Renascent centre reopens next week and we are really looking forward to seeing you again.
CHINA TOUR: We have a great line of of events to share with you and your family this year, one of the most exciting being the Sept 22nd - October 5th CHINA QI GONG , Meditation and Healing Tour, the price is yet to be finalised, yet looking like around $1500pp all inclusive of tours, healings, qi gong classes, meals and accommodation. pencil it in your diary today!
QI GONG PRACTICE: Next week (Feb' 1st) we commence with Qi Gong Practice classes on: Wed' 7-8pm, Fri 9.30-10.30am, sat' 9-10am - your 1st class is free, come along as you like (casual rate $20pc) or book in per term and save @ $15pc)
QI GONG CULTIVATION: We have a new ongoing class on Wed' evenings 8-9pm - Qi Gong cultivation - a chance for the dedicated student to delve deeper into Qi Gong for their mind, body and spirit. You will be taught how to reconnect on a deeper level with Qi Gong principles, use QG for healing, personal insights, intuition and guidance. You can join us for the Qi Gong Practice class directly before and stay on to deepen your healing, insights and 'walk in hand' with universal energies.
HEALING WEBINARS: Every Tuesday night Daryll has been doing a Group Healing Qi Gong meditation via webinar. Due to him co directing the Warrandyte Theatre follies, the first few months evenings will be slightly varied. However, simply ask him for an invite and log in to join when ever the times suit. He opens the chat room 30 minutes prior to the webinar and you are able to chat and discuss healings with other participants (8.30-9.30pm Melbourne time)
Payment is by donation. Please register early to avoid any log in concerns. Email for your invitation.
YOGA CLASS: As we move into 2012 with new intentions and goals about the changes we want to make for our selves and our lives, don't just think about them but take action to making them a reality. Reach out and receive the support you need from like minded people.
The practice of Yoga will provide a foundation for you to slow down, rest and restore body mind and soul, release blockages that prevent you from moving forward, build muscle strength as well as flexibility. You will be learning to ground and center yourselves in the present moment through breath and movement will help to enriching your interactions with yourselves and others, enhancing an overall sense of well being.
Taught by the lovely Joane Rogers: Joane has been teaching Yoga for over 10 Years, her classes are suitable for young and old from beginners to experienced, for more details about the classes and bookings please contact Joanne on 0433 220 052 or Email any questions to
Please note - Renascent is a venue for this class rather than the organiser, hence bookings need to be made directly by emailing or calling Joanne, We look forward to sharing this lovely class with you.
GROUP HEALING: Is offered weekly, immediately after the Friday Qi Gong class, a chance to receive some healing each week in person. It is a group seated session, however, we have seen some miraculous results. Payment is by donation and can be transmitted over distance if you cannot make it in person, Simply send us your name(s) before Friday each week.
PRIVATE CLINIC SESSIONS recommence next week on Tuesdays, Mon' eve's and Fridays. A wonderful chance to be supported, discuss illness and recovery and make some positive changes in your life and wellbeing. Email for a list of vacancies or call for an appointment.
Renascent Showroom is open fridays 11-3pm or by appointment - do some Shopping in peace or stock up on supplies, please pop in and see us. We are happy to teach you the basics of soap, lip balm, perfume making & offer you a fantastic cup of tea whilst browsing - psst.... have you tried our new Raspberry Rush tea - its my favourite.
We have many sale specials left over from the Christmas Sale & have left the special prices up on many items.
OUR EBAY STORE: Is active with some great new items Click here to see them:
OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGES: are great places to stay in touch, share with like- minded people and we recently gave away $100 of soap supplies for the soap with the most likes on our soap art page, 10 books ans sets of crystals on our renascent page and last week had a special dfay of half price clinic. Jump on to each of them and click "LIKE" to stay in touch and get all the news (Renascent news, Freebies & offers) (Crafty ideas, recipes, inspiration) (our ebay special offers & bargains) (all home school networking and events)
I am still working on getting all events up on the web, for now just email or call for any that aren't listed that you would like to book in for.
All the ongoing classes are now live on the website and I hope to have the rest up within the week.
Take a look at this terrific line up in 2012
We hope to see you soon and really look forward to sharing 2012 with you
Kindest regards, Lesley & Daryll (Mitchell)

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I always love the Houses of Life Essences for a quick uplift and freshen of all the energies and also find the Practitioner Disc invaluable. If the Chi seems a little 'stale' or if I wish to move on negative energies of entities it is perfect.

If you feel like you have been getting affected by other peoples energies, reclaim your own sense of self and allow their energies to simply bounce off you with the use of the Chi energy discs.

For those that wish to implement some coin remedies here are some of Darylls suggestions to assist you.

2012 Year of the Water Dragon
  • North
  • South
  • Sickness Star of 2 this year is at North  - use 6 coins to nullify
  • Misfortune/Sickness Star of 5 this year is at South-East  - use 3 vertical coins to nullify
  • Disputes/Quarrel Star this year is at South-West  - use candle to nullify
  • Education/Romance Star this year is at East
  • Grand Duke this year is East-South-East, 120 Degree.
    - Avoid sitting facing the grand duke or disturbing him by doing renovations.
  • Location in Conflict is South.  – use bagua to nullify, facing South
    - Avoid having renovations done opposite the location in conflict.
This year is considered to be a lucky year as the Water Dragon can bring about Wealth opportunities. This is a Yang year, which is always about action. The Dragon by nature is considered to be lucky and the elements of the combination of Water with the Dragon (Earth) produce Water as the ‘sound’ or element. Water is associated with Wealth.
The New Moon arrives at 6.40pm in Melbourne (3.40 in China) heralding the Chinese New Year
The God of Wealth is in the South although the Death Door is also there. So better to welcome the God Of Happiness in the South East. Open all door or windows in the South East and put the lights on at the time of the New Moon or 11pm tonight (22.1.2012)
Please let me know if you need further assistance - Kind regards, Daryll
2012 is the Year of the Black Dragon (or the Water Dragon or the Black Water Dragon). In any case, this year will be one of transformation and improvement.
Tonight at 11pm the God of Wealth enters via the South, it is therefore auspicious to make an offering to this direction at 11pm or afterwards (Scroll down for more info')
As you are preparing your home (or office) for 2012 energies with new feng shui cures (which should be in place by February 4th); do not forget to look at one of the main feng shui principles - the flow of Chi, or energy.
Is the Chi running smoothly in your place? Is it nourishing your home (or office); or is it mostly ignoring it on its way out?
Be sure you know how to attract strong Chi into your home or office, and then, equally important, be sure you know how to make the best of the incoming Chi.
If you wish to improve this Chi - you can book a personal in home consultation with Daryll where he will come out and visit you, make some energetic corrections, offer specific advice for your environment and implement some cures for greater success.
Some ideas you may do yourself are:


Blessings Spritzer 


You also may like to look at some of our Feng Shui products which can be found By clicking here

I always love the Houses of Life Essences for a quick uplift and freshen of all the energies and also

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