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Korea & Vietnam Healing Retreat 2013

Korea & Vietnam Retreat
or maybe a special friend or 2 ? - what a truly wonderful gift – Everyone will be delighted !
Rediscover yourself, Revitalise, Renew your energies with a beautiful group of like minded people

Rediscover yourself, Revitalise, Renew your energies with a beautiful group of like minded people, learn new skills & take some well deserved ‘time out’ Congratulations on your decision to honour yourself!

I know we said 2012 was it, but by popular nagging, I mean request,  we are considering 2013 tours. Rather than run it as a completely scheduled group event, we are opening this to a group of like minded friends travelling together with common thoughts. We are currently planning KOREA & VIETNAM, Meditation and Healing Tour - September 2013, the price and details are yet to be finalised, yet current flights are available for around $750 return (plus the tour costs). We are meeting with associates over the next 3 weeks to look into the possibilities of some great day spas, hot springs, healing, shopping, sightseeing and fun. Interested? Email to be added to her tour email updates.

Here's some sample information:

gorgeous sanya beaches 2013 Korea & Vietnam Healing Retreat Tour Ideas

This tour is offered at cost - however if we get 10 people joining us it may become cheaper again for us all. Bring your friends and family. 

A voyage of discovery, learning, healing & Spiritual Rejuvenation
 September 21st - October 4th 2013 (To be confirmed)

This tour will be escorted by Lesley & Daryll (one of your Qi Gong Masters) Mitchell personally - this is a terrific way of going with a like minded group at a reasonable rate, we have done all we can to keep costs down without compromising quality - very limited vacancies – (book in early)

 Personal Transformation, Fabulous Sightseeing,
Refresh, Revitalise, Empassion, Annual Opportunity
Terrific Like minded Group, Luxury & Fun Accommodation
Experience the culture, the healing, the passion

Limited Vacancies - Call today 03 98445888  Email:

CHILDREN are warmly welcomed - Bring the entire family!

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: We will organise a package deal through group bookings with the airlines which will ensure 1. You get your flights at a good price & 2. We are all travelling together. More details can be provided after booking. NB - We receive no commission or benefits of any kind in providing this information & service to you, we are happy to assist.

At this point Vietnam air offer economy class flights for around $750 return from Melbourne

 Introducing Korea:

Yin and yang: the blue and red circle at the heart of the South Korean flag neatly symbolises not only the divided Korean peninsula but also the fluid mix of ancient and modern aspects of the country officially called the Republic of Korea (ROK). For the vast majority of visitors a trip to this part of the world means spending time in South Korea. Unfairly overshadowed by the headline-grabbing antics of its bad-boy neighbour, South Korea is a dream destination for the traveller, an engaging, welcoming place where the dazzling benefits of a fully industrialised, high-tech nation are balanced alongside a reverence for tradition and the ways of old Asia.

Academics still quibble over whether the Land of the Morning Calm (a term coined by travel writer Percival Lowell in 1885) is an accurate translation of the old Chinese characters by which all of Korea was once known. Dive into Seoul, powerhouse of Asia’s third-largest economy, and calm is likely the last thing you’ll feel. This round-the-clock city is constantly on the move, its ‘work hard, play hard’ population the epitome of the nation’s indefatigable, can-do spirit.

South Korea’s excellent transport infrastructure and compact size mean that within an hour of the urban sprawl more tranquil moments are achievable atop craggy mountain peaks enclosed by densely forested national parks threaded through with picturesque, challenging hiking trails. Get further off the beaten bath than you could believe possible by sailing to remote islands, where farming and fishing folk will welcome you into their homes and simple seafood cafes. Or sample the serenity of a Buddhist temple retreat where the honk of traffic is replaced by meditation and the rhythmic pre-dawn chants of shaven-headed monks.

If all this sounds a little too peaceful for your travelling tastes, rest assured the ROK also knows how to rock. A countrywide itinerary of lively festivals and events means there’s almost always a celebration of some sort to attend. If nothing else your tastebuds will be tingling at the discovery of one of Asia’s least known, but most delicious cuisines. Friendly Koreans will happily share this and other aspects of their culture with you, regardless of language barriers.

Introducing Vietnam:

Blessed with a ravishing coastline, emerald-green mountains, breathtaking national parks, dynamic cities, outstanding cultural interest and one of the world’s best cuisines, Vietnam has it all.

Vietnam is a nation going places. Fast. Its people are energetic, direct, sharp in commerce and resilient by nature. This is an outrageously fun country to explore, the locals love a laugh (and a drink) and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to socialise with them and hear their tales. The American War is over, and yet its impact endures – you’ll find reminders of that cataclysmic conflict everywhere you travel. That said, the country was never broken and emerged with its pride intact. Poor in parts but never squalid, Vietnam is developing at an astonishing pace. For travellers, there are issues to consider (including minor scams), but little real danger – on the whole it’s a safe, wonderfully rewarding and incredibly varied country to explore.

A Cultural Smorgasbord:
This is a country of myriad influences and reference points. In the south, Indian and Hindu culture had a lasting influence in the Cham temples and spicy regional cuisine, spiked with chilli and tempered with coconut. Head north and Chinese connections are far more apparent. Between these two competing cultures, you’ll find a quintessential Vietnam in the central provinces: the graceful historic old port of Hoi An, and the royal tombs, pagodas and imperial cuisine of Hue. Oh, and there’s more, far more. Factor in an enduring French colonial legacy, which is evident in Hanoi’s graceful boulevards, in Ho Chi Minh City’s stately museums and in the crispy baguettes and coffee culture you’ll find on every street corner. Add the American interlude, more than 50 hill tribes, and of course the proud (battletested and victorious) ruling Communist Party ideology and you’ve got Vietnam: heady, intoxicating and unique.

Big Nature, Booming Cities
If you want visual dramatics, Vietnam delivers. Cruise an azure ocean pierced by surreal- looking limestone islands in Halong Bay, slalom through the majestic inland karst mountains of Cao Bang. Hike mountain tracks and explore tribal villages near Sapa and Bac Ha. Then witness the spectacular sandy bays of the central coastline and explore the reefs and coves of the Cham and Con Dao Islands. Highway 1 is near-relentlessly urban, so get off it at regular intervals to see the astonishing cave systems of Phong Nha, national parks like Cat Tien, and the bewitching back waters of the Mekong Delta. Finally, no visit would be complete without experiencing the energy of big-city life in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, the grand old lady of the Orient, and Ho Chi Minh City, the engine room of the economy and the nation.


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