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Detox Program

A personal experience of a full practitioner detox' program by Lesley Mitchell

What is a detoxification - There are many detox' programs available from fasting for a few days right through to a practitioner guided program. Although a good diet is a necessary part of any health regieme, if you were to simply alter the diet for a short time it overlooks many common concerns that must be addressed for a complete program. In a nut shell a detox' program is a cleaning out of the system to bring back a state of good health.

Can I do this myself without a practitioner? - As an integrated program - no!. The difference between this and a simple fasting program is that it is designed in 3 stages, we call them Weed: cleaning out parasites & unwanted matter, Seed: laying down friendly bacteria & flora required for healthy digestive functioning (often removed from poor diet & antibiotics) and Feed: Liver regeneration program & feeding up the system to its optimum health.

As it is a very intensive program for maximum benefits, it is necessary to have a trained practitioner watching over you whilst on the program, (also ensuring you are not becoming malnourished & your program is constantly working for you).

Unlike poor quality supplements that you may purchase over the counter, the supplements on this program are practitioner prescribed only - meaning that in order to purchase them you must have a prescription from your practitioner, signed to say they are monitoring you & your program.

As there is a wide range of supplements available, this ensures you are only purchasing those which are best for your individual requirements & will obtain the best health benefits from them.

Do I have support? - Yes, you are welcome to call at most times for a chat over the phone (no charge) to ensure you are doing well or alternatively can make an appointment for a professional visit.

What are the benefits? - More energy, greater vitality, balanced emotions, cleaner system, easier breathing, better sleep, clarity of thoughts, etc


Why would I need to do this? - Every day we are constantly exposed to a vast quantity of toxic substances that we may not even by aware of - in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink & the materials that surround us (clothing, cleaning agents, building materials, etc). In addition the bodily functions of digestion & elimination, physical activity, combatting disease / infections & dealing with stress produce a number of toxic by products. Allergic & sensitivity reactions also produce toxins & in some cases when the system reaches an overload of toxins, we begin to become sensitive to many situations that previously posed no problems.

I'm pretty healthy anyway! - The better you look after yourself with good food, purified water, adequate exercise and little stress, the easier the program may be for you, however, due to the reasons listed above, almost everyone will benefit from a detox' program to varying degrees. So you are well & healthy, is it possible that there may still be room for feeling even better ?

How do I determine if i need to undertake a program? - Your practitioner will assist to determine this, if you do not wish to book in for a full session, simply pop in to public healing on a monday or give us a call & chat to Daryll.

What happens? - After your clinic session, a urine test will be performed, your supplements will be reccommended for you, you will be given a book to keep with all your requirements recorded & a prescription for any supplements required. They are usually despatched within the same day, so you could begin your program the very next day.

Is it difficult? - With any program involving eating, a certain amount of discipline is required, however, you should not be hungry & we will assist with suggestions to satisfy most cravings.

How do I book in? wpe15.jpg (1666 bytes)

Call us on (03) 98445888

I want to lose weight? - If you are carrying excess fat & accumulated toxins, it may well drop off as a result of the detoxification program. However we are also delighted to offer professional Keto weight loss systems to suit each individual - speak with us for further details


Do I need to prepare before a program? - It is generally reccommended that every one has a private healing session to best enable the system to accept & best utilise the program. In some cases a bowel purge may be required to cleanse firstly. Your practitioner will determine the best program exclusively for you. No other work is required.

How long does it take? - Depending on the state of health & what is personally occurring, a program can range from 2 weeks - 16 weeks. An average program is 6-10 weeks.

How much does it cost? - Other than clinic appointments, the supplements required vary for each individual program. An average programs supplements will cost $100-300. This will usually have enough left over for 1-2 years top ups. These products are not purchased through us directly, however we will give you a script to phone through for them.

Am I using chemicals or drugs?- No, it is a complete naturopathic program, designed for good health on all levels. Body, Mind & Soul.

Will I lose weight? - Only if there is a excess of fat, if you desire to lose weight, there is a full Keto weight loss system available also.

What is the program sequence? - 1. Assess zinc levels, gastic & digestive function & dysbiosis (abnormal bacteria in the gut)

2. Clear toxic accumulation in the bowel

3. Repair any damage to the lining of the gut by infection or infestation (leaky gut syndrome)

4. Release toxic accumulations from the liver/body

5.Repair & regenerate the liver & kidneys to promote & maintain the clearance of toxic accumulations

We look forward to assisting you in your health maintenance & improvement.

The initial urine testing was a bit of a shock, I guess no one like to think of parasites living in their body. The urine sample shows up waste products of parasitical, bacterial or amoeba should they be present in the body's vital organs. These are contained in many different foods we eat and it is natural for the system to consume & pass them out in normal bodily functions. However they become a concern when they move from the intestines through minute tears in the fibres of the gut wall (leaky gut syndrome) & have access to organs in the body. Depending on the parasites that show up, you may be suggested a variety of products to eliminate them from the system.

There are 3 diets you may be placed on depending on the state of your system: the good health diet - basically just eating well, the low reactive diet - where a large variety of foods are removed for the duration of the program that may be creating sensitivities or the A/B/O blood type diet - a diverse family of proteins is found in our foods known as ‘Lectins', they are part of the process that enables the immune system to identify substances that are foreign to the body, these Lectins can react with our cell markers that give us our A/B/O blood types, therefore it is possible to construct a list of foods that each blood type should avoid. (I was on the Low Reactive Diet)

The first week I was starving, I couldn't find anything I could eat. However in the 2nd week I started discovering products and recipes and by the completion of the program I was eating more than ever (I did all the research for Daryll's clients & now provide clients with a very long list of things they CAN have!)


Emotionally, I found the program very interesting (& yes, I did do a bit of a roller coaster of emotions for a while there). The first few days I was very tired, the 3rd day I was over the top joyfully happy, every one that called must have wondered where they could get some of my "happy juice". The 4th day I hit a rather bleak, angry space, it was definitely a day I should have stayed at home. I grouched at everyone and was generally quite unhelpful, the next day, I was still angry but resentful over the previous day, so probably a worse space to be in. Day 6 - eternally ethereal, I felt light, free and floated around like a fairy, Day 7 - I felt even more connected to spirit, I was receiving wonderfully clear messages, fantasic meditations and pondered that if this continued that by week 9 I may just be quite ready to ascend this mortal world. Day 8-10 - teary over everything & nothing, heaven help me if there was a love story on TV, Daryll found me in the lounge room, face swollen and tears flooding down my face with a chicken soup book in my hand saying "Oh, these stories are just soooo lovely", he did mention he didn't think I looked like I was enjoying them. After this the emotions settled down with all of the above raising up at various times.

However, over the 9 weeks, I definitely noticed myself feeling lighter, no, my weight wasn't changing, although in the first 2 weeks I complained bitterly to Daryll about this, he would say "it's not a weight loss program Lesley". I knew this but I felt that if I was starving (& I was going to the toilet at least 3 X a day!!, much more was going out than in) then the weight loss should be an acceptable side affect of the program. He just shook his head and said "No, but if you are carrying excess fat, when you get to stage 3 - Liver Regeneration program, that's when it will drop off".


Generally I felt wonderful, I felt lighter, freer, I could feel my emotions changing (perhaps detox'ing them too), I seemed to have more time to accomplish everything Iwanted to, I played a lot more with Gabriel (my son) & still had time to do everything. I noticed that not only did I run up hills easily with him, but I actually wanted to run and play. My meditations gave me insight and clarity in my life and all my spiritual and religious pursuits seemed to be much easier.

After I got into the swing of the program, I breezed through the remaining weeks, several of my students saw the changes and promptly began the program too and then many of Darylls students also began. All of them expressed that they also felt their personal connection with themselves and their emotions was the most dramatic change, but they felt cleaner, lighter & had more energy.

I had several liver spots & tears in the iris's of my eyes. as I had studied iridology, I was constantly peering closly into mirrors. I watched as they healed & mostly disappeared over the program

I had carried about 7 kg's of excess weight around since Gabriel's birth, nothing dramatic, but I had tried almost everything to shift it & nothing worked. Sure enough, when I reached the liver regeneration program (last stage), I dropped 3 kg's the first week & 2.5kg the next 5 days. That's where my program ended & I aim to whittle away that 1.5kg with some program maintenance. I completed the program over a month ago & still feel terrific.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, in fact a 2-4 week top up once a year is recommended & I have every intention of doing this regularly for health maintenance & to assist me to maintain this clarity I have achieved.

Would you like to be tested up for a full detoxification program?

Call us and book in - we are happy to run a urine analysis test for you to determine what level of program you reccomend. We are happy to add this consultation on at no extra fee to you at the end of any private clinic session

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